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Lightning-Speed Deal. Germany to Purchase F-35 for Nuclear Sharing

... carriers, including Pershing 1a ballistic missiles with a range of about 740 km, which could strike targets not only in East Germany but also in Poland, Czechoslovakia or Hungary. Later, the Luftwaffe used the U.S.-purchased F-104G Starfighter for nuclear aviation bomb carriers (using a high-altitude interceptor as a low-level strike aircraft largely resulted in its notoriously many crashes) and Panavia Tornado strike fighters, a joint product of Italy, Britain and Germany. Officially, the U.S. military ...


Riding on the Storm: the New British Defense Strategy

... British strike brigade will rely on plentiful reconnaissance assets and heavily equipped infantry. Besides, it seems to be fit only for an asymmetric war, while Colonel Macgregor's concept is intended for use against the Russian army. Royal Air Force Aviation is the favorite Western armed service, although after the SDSR 2010, the British Air Force has definitely been in dire straits with quite gloomy prospects. A key issue of the SDSR 2015 is found in the level of cuts to be made for deliveries of ...


Strategic Aviation En Route to Updating

... “disgrace” of strategic aircraft in the 1970s-1980s, the United States and the Soviet Union began to establish new aviation complexes due to a number of unique features of strategic bombers compared to missile systems. Some of these features ... ... capabilities at least at the same level, there is no alternative but to develop new aircraft. The terms of New START (the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) are another incentive for the development of the strategic bombing component of the nuclear triad. According ...


Military Aviation 100 Years from Now

Military aviation, unlike conventional arms — one of the oldest means of destroying an enemy’s bases, weaponry, military equipment and manpower — is a relatively new method of warfare. It was developed in the early 20th century, reaching its peak in the period from the 1950s ...


Low Cost Options for Air Combat

... control, humanitarian operations in emergencies, and attacks on poorly armed irregular groups. Today's renaissance of propeller aviation rests on training and farming planes, the most popular being the Super Tucano made by Brazil's Embraer , Swiss Pilatus ... ....html 11 . Sukhoi vs. MiG . Wings of Russia magazine. Issue 1, 2010. 12 . Arms Export magazine, Issue 5, 2013 13 . 14 .


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