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South Korean Arms for Canada and Poland: NATO’s Reserve Arsenal for Ukraine?

... first be uttered . — Korean proverb During a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club on October 27, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned about the risk of a deteriorating Russo-Korean relationship, given that Seoul was supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine. The Russian leader posed a logical question : “How would the Republic of Korea feel if we resumed cooperation with North Korea in this area?” In response, Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol pointed to his solidarity with ...


Lightning-Speed Deal. Germany to Purchase F-35 for Nuclear Sharing

Germany’s leadership is apparently ready and willing to pay for Germany’s semi-nuclear status In July 2022, the Department of State and the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) approved the sale of F-35A Lightning II multirole combat aircraft to Germany. This came as a climax of quite a protracted and a rather tragicomic story of Germany’s Luftwaffe purchasing a new carrier of nuclear weapons to carry out “NATO nuclear sharing.” Alexander Yermakov: Rifle Hanging on the Wall The Legacy...


A New Rashomon: How Tokyo’s Policy Will Shape Security in the Asia-Pacific

For the first time, Tokyo calls Russia’s actions “aggression” Amid the incoming waves of restrictive measures imposed against Russia, Japan’s political establishment has come forward with a number of statements that may well push the country’s bilateral relations with Russia beyond the point of no return. The current economic, financial, technological, visa and other kinds of sanctions clearly demonstrate Tokyo’s commitment to the path charted by Washington and its allies. However, there have...


The Turkish Gambit

... it may not necessarily be so in terms of combat capabilities. The country is making quite a few efforts to advance the national military-industrial complex, increasingly striving to provide itself with domestically-produced weapons, including hi-tech arms. There remain major “gaps,” however, particularly in the most sophisticated and expensive areas, which is almost indecent for a major military power whose leadership has such daring ambitions. Until recently, one such sector was ground-based ...


From Tanks and Deserts to Missiles and Tropical Islands

The USMC should become a streamlined tool for containing China's growing power The United States Marine Corps (USMC) has launched a radical reform that fully and completely reflects the changes in U.S. geopolitical priorities. The Marines are busy getting rid of all their tanks, planning to stock up on medium-range missiles and preparing to become a defensive wall against the growing Chinese fleet. The “Devil Dogs,” a name the Marines have worn proudly since World War I, have always spearheaded...


The Importance of Ending the Arms Embargo: What Is Iran's Plan?

Iran's experience in circumventing sanctions and advancing its military plans under pressure shows that it can fix the problem Lifting or extending the UN arms embargo on Iran, which according to SC Resolution 2231 is supposed to be ended in October 2020, has led to a new confrontation between Tehran and Washington. The US has circulated a draft UN resolution that would extend the embargo, and Secretary ...


European Leadership Network Discusses the Impact of New Technologies on Strategic Stability

... working group held in Istanbul on April 8–9, 2019. The participants focused on the most challenging areas of military technology development that could have a destabilizing effect on strategic stability. They also discussed possible new formats for arms control, that could have a deterrent effect on the arms race in space, high-precision weapons, AI weapons, etc. Russian side was represented by Aleksey Arbatov, RIAC Member, Head of the Center for International Security at IMEMO RAS; Andrey Kortunov,...


Analysis of Future Warfare

... deep analysis involved, one is capable of noticing the evolutio nary similarities of protozoa, harmless amphibians, dangerous pangolins, giant dinosaurs, nimble and intelligent mammals and the technical development of cold steel, throwing weapons, firearms, Roman fortifications, World War I tanks, miniature drones, and compact robots. This allows us to make the following parallel definition of biological (technical) evolutio n: the natural (artificial) development of nature (a weapons system) accompanied ...


Emerging Military Technologies: Talking Points

... of multi-tech, multi-actor, complex, fast-paced, poorly understood, cross-domain effects is a phenomenon and a problem in its own right, independent of the dangers in any given technology domain. The goal(s) should be: Strategic stability Minimising harms These goals cannot be achieved without: Prioritisation New paradigms for arms control Prioritisation. We suggest the following criteria for action: Prioritise the pursuit of existential common interests between states Prioritise tackling those technologies ...


Three Groups of Threats from Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

... group comprises risks associated with removing human agents from the decision to use weapons, the so-called “meaningful human control problem.” The global public (NGOs such as Stop Killer Robots, Article 36, the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, businesspersons and scientists, in particular , Steven Hawking, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak) believe it highly probable that fully autonomous weapons will not be able to comply with international humanitarian law and human rights and will ...


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