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Should Russia Be Worried by the New AUKUS Alliance?

... establishment of a new trilateral military and political alliance consisting of the United States, Australia, and the UK (AUKUS) and the corollary rupture of France’s “contract of the century” to build a new generation of diesel-powered submarines for Australia elicited mixed reactions in Russia. Some were pleased to see a conflict arise between the United States and France, while some expressed concern that the alliance targets Moscow just as much as it does Beijing. Others were worried about the implications of the U.S. decision to share ...


The Media System Within and Beyond the West: Australian, Russian and Chinese Media

The concept of media systems does not possess a normative or generally accepted definition since the notion is posited on existing publications and empirical research rather than normative theory This article takes Australian, Russian and Chinese media as three examples to differentiate media systems and elucidate their political or economic context to understand media systems globally. Arguably, the concept of media systems " does not possess a normative or even generally ...


Meeting with Australian Experts

On September 26, 2019 an expert discussion among Russian and Australian experts on strategic issues in the Asia Pacific was held. Ksenia Kuzmina, Program Manager at the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), took part in the meeting. On September 26, 2019 an expert discussion among Russian and Australian ...


Prospects for Russia-Australia Cooperation Discussed at the Meeting with the Heads of Mission at Australian Embassy in Moscow

... had a meeting with Graeme Meehan, Australian Ambassador to Russia, and Jill Collins, Minister Counselor of the Embassy​. The meeting focused on the topical issues of security and development in the Asia-Pacific, the state and possible prospects of Russia-Australia cooperation. Australian diplomats had a briefing about the ongoing RIAC projects with participation of partner organizations from the Asia-Pacific.


Obstacles and Opportunities for Economic Engagement between Australia and the Russian Federation

... the optimistic potentials for a healthy relationship between the two countries that resonated well with the reports by Captain Gagemeister two hundred years ago: We are convinced, Lavrov said, that there are the necessary prerequisites for bringing Russian-Australian relations to a new level for the benefit of the people of our two states, in the interest of strengthening regional and global stability and security. ‘What needs to be done,’ he concluded, ‘is to put it all into practice.’


How Does Canberra Implement Its Role as a Regional Power with Global Interests

... Is China mainly a partner or a competitor to Australia? What place should Russia take in world politics? His Excellency Mr Peter Tesch , Ambassador of Australia to the Russian Federation, shares his thoughts on these and other issues. Anton Tsvetov: Australia, Russia, and a Rules-Based Order in Asia Today some countries such as Indonesia, Japan, US, Australia offer the conception of Indo-Pacific. Can you explain the features of the Australian conception? Is it a big difference between US and Australian approaches ...


The Kerch Strait Gambit

... Or will he have to pretend to, if he is not to face another wave of Russophobe condemnation as happened after the ill-fated Helsinki Summit? In a worst case scenario, the Buenos Aires meeting could degenerate into bilateral East-West acrimony, with Russia and China lining up together against NATO and allied G20 members, including Australia. This was not what the G20 was intended to be. A sour and angry meeting in Buenos Aires will threaten to unravel the multilateral economics-focussed spirit of G20, an important forum for Australia. Will Australia take a statesmanlike multilateral ...


Russia and Multilateral Diplomacy in East Asia

... that have emerged in Asia and are designed to counterbalance China will be seen by many smaller countries in the region as an opportunity to gain real protection from Chinese assertiveness, at least to the extent possible. Anton Tsvetov: ASEAN and Russia Look to Achieve Their Full Potential In the coming years, these alternative formats will likely revolve around all sorts of ‘Indo-Pacific’ initiatives and platforms. The revived U.S.–Japan–Australia–India quadrilateral dialogue - no doubt aimed at new and better containment of China - will also extend its cooperation formats to a wider audience of partners in Asia. The key partners here will most likely be Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam....


Tony Kevin Lecture “Current Prospects for East-West Detente — Analysis by a Former Western Diplomat”

... return to a clear vision of international relations, based on firm and reliable communications, mutual respect and regular dialogue. Tony Kevin will present his lecture in Russian, with slides of pictures and text, followed by Questions and Answers in Russian and English. About lector: Tony Kevin’s first posting as a young Australian diplomat was to Moscow in 1969–71. His 30-year diplomatic career culminated in postings as Ambassador to Poland (1991–94) and Cambodia (1994–97). Prior to this, he headed the Policy Planning Branch in the Australian Department of Foreign ...


Andrey Kortunov meets with Australian diplomats

On September 14, 2016 RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov met with Australian Ambassador to Russia Peter Tesch and Head of the Political Section of the Embassy Ted Burgell. The participants of the meeting discussed bilateral Russian-Australian relations, security issues in the Asia-Pacific, and prospects for cooperation between the two countries in solving problems of global governance (ensuring global food supply security, above all).


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