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A Panda and a Bear in the Caribbean

... Russia and China. China’s economic position in the region is much stronger than Russia’s, so could China overshadow Moscow’s plans? Venezuela: main theater of operations The confrontation between Russia and China is most apparent on the Venezuelan arms market. After coming to power in 1999, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez headed for political rapprochement with Russia and China. This resulted in military-technical cooperation with Russia, but only really came into effect after the Americans imposed ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
     33 (31%)
    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
     30 (28%)
    U.S. wants to dissolve Russia  
     24 (22%)
    U.S. wants to establish alliance relations with Russia under the US conditions to rival China  
     21 (19%)
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