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China’s Military Budget: Why It Is Growing and Will Continue to Grow Fast

... and social security of servicemen. REUTERS/Petar Kujundzic/Pixstream Ksenia Muratshina: Will There Be New Star Wars in Asia-Pacific? China's Military Space Program Judging from available Chinese publications military training is another sphere where China is trying to catch up. Until the beginning of the 2000s the Chinese armed forces reported low indicators of average flight hours logged by airmen, naval ships seldom put to sea and large-scale land forces exercises were few and far between. Naturally, China sought to gradually upgrade these indicators to match the developed ...


Fretting about China's Military Modernization?

... achieved a qualitatively new level in its forces’ equipment and organization levels, with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) becoming a fully modern military entity able to wage a technologically advanced war and project force a great distance from China's borders. Since the mid-2000s the Chinese armed forces have been undergoing a radical transformation, possibly unlike any seen in their entire history, which promises to redefine it, moving away from the previous numbers-based model of an Army manned mostly by peasants and focused on ensuring ...


Australia as a Middle Range Power: the Military-Political Dimension

... Continent. Canberra cannot but fret about Beijing's intense interest in the Indian Ocean, because the trend is fraught with stronger China-India differences and more frequent use by the Chinese Navy of the Lombok and Sunda Straits, an alternative to the overburdened ... ... Paper pays much attention to developing Australia's defense industry with the focus on reaping budget savings and improving the armed forces' technology level and overall capabilities. The government would like to make the defense sector fully competitive ...


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