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The Pearl in the Great China Fleet

... inherit from the USSR? The First of Many The fact that so many destroyers are being built suggests that the goal is not to equip a single carrier group. It would appear that China has long since committed itself to the construction of a large ocean fleet, with aircraft carriers forming the core. The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning is an upgraded version of a Soviet Project 1143.6 ship, almost identical to the Admiral Kuznetsov constructed under Project 1143.5 [4] . At the same time, the Chinese side did ...


The Koala with Maritime Ambitions

... Shipbuilding Australia's long-term plans envision an all-out renovation of its Navy. While the integrated shipbuilding program is titled Force 2030, some of its components may be completed as soon as the 2010s, with others extended into the 2040s. Total fleet strength will remain unchanged at somewhat over 50 ships from the main classes. At the same time, total displacement is intended grow by 50 percent from about 144,000 to 238,000 tons, with a substantial rise in other qualitative parameters. Photo: ...


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

The Chinese Aircraft Carrier Fleet When Dai Mingmeng took off from and landed on an aircraft carrier on November 23, 2012, he became the first Chinese pilot to do so, and attracted the attention of both experts and the general public. Some observers called the event the turning ...


Emerging trends in naval pluralism

... great oceans will undergo qualitative changes. However, the fundamental factors that determine the naval activities of mankind will remain unchanged, and the trends in this area are visible today. Having a long-term outlook for the coming changes of the fleet and naval power will help shape strategic priorities in the Russian state policy in this sphere. Naval Pluralism In naval terms, today’s world is largely unipolar. The previous Mistress of the Seas, Great Britain, followed the “two countries’ ...


Supercarriers – Washington’s last-ditch argument

... foundation of the U.S. Navy and a key tool for national security policy. Despite this, there is constant debate in the American expert community about the role and place of aircraft carriers in today’s world and about the need to maintain the fleet of aircraft carriers in its current form. Current state of the carrier components of the U.S. Navy Today, the United States Navy has 11 nuclear-powered supercarriers (CVN) with a displacement of 100,000 tons each – 10 Nimitz-class carriers and one-of-a-kind ...


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