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Kabul: Old Problems are New Challenges

The international community may benefit from Russia’s experience in promoting domestic consensus in Afghanistan It has been some three months since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, precipitously and without large-scale bloodshed. This came as a complete surprise for the global community—but for the Taliban just as well, although this was ...


Russia’s War on Terror(ism)

While keeping an eye on Kabul, Moscow is not sitting back The chaotic US exit strategy from Afghanistan, the quick Taliban takeover, the resurgence of Isis-K attacks and the rise of militant factions have emphasized the need for other international actors to fill the void left by the United States and map out a strategy for Central Asian stability....


Power without Soft Power: China’s Outreach to Central Asia

... both internal and external motives. As such, the resurgence of terrorism and religious extremism—Islamic and Buddhist—in mainland China has prompted Beijing to increase its upstream presence with military troops stationed in the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan (officially to combat narcotics trafficking) while implementing a policy of re-educating Uyghur Muslim dissidents in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. Beijing’s approach has been severely criticized in the United ...


Afghanistan Will Test SCO's Capacity

The time has come for SCO member states to bring this body out to the light and to rise up to a new, post-US Afghan challenge The US is withdrawing from Afghanistan. Twenty years of the US-led foreign intervention has brought neither prosperity, nor stability, to the country. With hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the seemingly endless military operations and with thousands of Americans killed,...


Moscow Is Still Central Asia’s Top Security Ally

... Decade After the Soviet collapse, Russia has been involved in the Central Asian political disorder first-hand. During the 1990s, a violent civil war struck Tajikistan, while the beginning of the new century started with the US military intervention in Afghanistan. Later on, new ethnic tensions mounted in the Fergana Valley, two revolutions erupted in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan was shocked by the Andjan massacre and by the rise of the Islamic Movement. A series of issues concerning Russia’s economic stability ...


Tackling the Illicit Drug Trade: Perspectives From Russia

... effectively captured Russia's persistent drug problem since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Accounting for one-fifth of the world’s opium market estimated at USD 65 billion, Russia is the world’s largest heroin consumer, all of it flowing from Afghanistan through Central Asia. The Afghan drug trade supplying the Russian market has fuelled conflict, corruption, and instability in the region, provided financial support to terrorist organisations and led to a devastating addiction and HIV epidemic ...


Security Outlook for a Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline and U.S.-Russia Relations

Technology and innovation can be a gateway for the U.S. and Russia to work together and build trust without compromising their core values Security Outlook for a Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline (TAPI) and U.S. Involvement To identify innovative solutions for securing the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline (TAPI) from threats and attacks, participating agencies must put together a concerted effort, relying on both physical security ...


Escape from Responsibility: the U.S. Is Looking for a Way Out of Afghanistan

The United States offers other forces to take responsibility for the situation in Afghanistan U.S. senators Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Tom Udall proposed to Congress the draft American Forces Going Home After Noble Service Act (AFGHAN, 2019) . In fact, this step allowed lawmakers to start the process of securing a legal base ...


Bonus for the “Big Eight” in Qingdao: Some Thoughts on the SCO Summit

... Responding to the identified in Qingdao growing threat of foreign militants entering the SCO territory to carry out terrorist and extremist activities, the summit participants once again confirmed their unfailing support for regulating the situation in Afghanistan exclusively by peaceful means and by the Afghan people themselves, and called for a strengthening of the mechanisms of dialogue and cooperation in order to ensure the launch of such a process. The appeal is very timely, as several regional ...


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