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India-US Entente: A Russian Perspective

... India, Israel and the UAE. The United States will encourage India to strengthen its ties to the leading Arab states of the Gulf, as well as to Israel. Over time India might build stronger ties to NATO through some customized “NATO+” format and to AUKUS, especially if the tensions in India-China relations get stronger. The United States will encourage India to deepen its relations with other U.S. partners and allies in the Indo-Pacific region, including Japan, ROK, Australia and New Zealand. India ...


A Little Britain’s Reach Out To The Big Indo-Pacific

... infrastructure of the U.S. forward-deployed Seventh Fleet in Japan, since it will damage the prestige of the British Navy in the region, making them less independent. Australia, the UK and the U.S. concluded a military-technical cooperation agreement (AUKUS), which opens up the possibility of using the bases on the “green continent.” However, even though Australia’s Prime Minister Morrison called upon U.S. and British submariners to act before Australia’s first own nuclear-powered vessel is ...


Modernising India-Russia Ties

... on the phrase “in the regions of Indian and Pacific oceans.” In practice, both want the region to be “free, open, transparent and inclusive.” But differences remain: Russia is opposed to the formation of non-inclusive clubs like the Quad and AUKUS, while India continues to be an enthusiastic member and supporter of the Quad and is not uncomfortable with the AUKUS, given the omnipresent China factor. They just agreed to disagree. Andrey Kortunov: Why India Will Never Be Part of U.S. Alliancesy ...


Russia-India Summit: Is the Strategic Partnership Still Afloat?

... neighbourhood” and “completely unprovoked aggression” on its northern border as a major challenge while Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shared with his Indian counterparts an apprehension of the U.S. “Indo-Pacific strategies” and the emergence of AUKUS alliance. Judging by the remarks following the talks, regional issues figured prominently in the discussions. In particular, the new iteration of the Afghan crisis has prompted the two sides to keep together. After a series of consultations held ...


Should Russia Be Worried by the New AUKUS Alliance?

Decisions made by NATO may be unpalatable for Moscow, but they are generally consistent and predictable. The same cannot be said of structures such as AUKUS The establishment of a new trilateral military and political alliance consisting of the United States, Australia, and the UK (AUKUS) and the corollary rupture of France’s “contract of the century” to build a new generation of diesel-powered ...


Barrier Reef to Counter China: Nuclear Edition

Unless the partnership falls apart for some reason in years to come, AUKUS may well mark a watershed One of the biggest news stories of this year—both in terms of military-technological cooperation and in the geopolitical sense— seemingly appeared out of the blue last week. The U.S., Australia and the UK set up what ...


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