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Thomas Frear

Research Fellow at the European Leadership Network

Alexei Fadeyev

PhD in Economics, Head of the Production Support Department at…

Irina Fedorova

PhD in History, Senior Fellow, Institute of Oriental Studies of the…

Alexander Fedorovsky

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Head of Section of the Asia-Pacific…

Mikhail Fedotov

Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Faculty of Law, HSE University, RIAC…

Dmitry Feldman

Doctor of Political Science, Professor, World Politics Department…

Alexei Fenenko

Doctor in Political Science, PhD in History, Associate Professor at…

Vasily Filippov

Doctor in History, Center for Tropical African Studies RAS Institute…

Vladimir Filippov

Rector of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, RIAC member.

Liudmila Filippova

Expert at the Center for Strategic Research

Joseph Fitsanakis

Associate Professor of Political Science in the Intelligence and…

Sabine Fischer

Ph.D, heads the Eastern Europe and Eurasia Research Division at the…

Yulia Florinskaya

PhD in Geography, senior researcher, Institute of Demography HSE

Lyudmila Fokina

RAS Institute of Economics

Isabelle François

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Andrey Frolov

Ph.D. in History, RIAC Expert

Andrei Fursenko

Aide to the President of the Russian Federation

Liu Fenghua

Ph.D., Research Fellow, Head of the Russian Foreign Policy Research…

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