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Carolijn van Noort

PhD Candidate, University of Otago, New Zealand

Yevgeny Vaganov

Academic Director of Siberian Federal University, RAS Full Member

Priti Vaishnav

PHD Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Tatyana Valovaya

Doctor of Economics, Director-General of the United Nations Office at…

Yuri Vanin

PhD in History, Leading Researcher, Department of Korea and Mongolia…

Vladimir Vasiliev

Doctor of Economics, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for US…

Alexander Vasilyev

PhD in History, Deputy Dean of the MGIMO University

Aleksey Vasilyev

Honorary President of the Institute for African Studies of the RAS…

Alexander Vershinin

PhD in History, Research Fellow with the Crisis Society Study Centre

Sergey Veselovsky

PhD in Political Science, Associate Professor at World Politics…

Denis Vidineyev

PhD fellow at the Chair of International Law, PFUR Law School

Anatoly Vishnevsky

Doctor of Economics, Director of the Center for Human Demography and…

Alexei Vlasov

PhD in History, Deputy Dean of the History Faculty, Moscow State…

Elena Vodopianova

PhD, Professor, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Europe, Russian…

Eugenia Voiko

PhD in Political Science, Assistant Professor of Applied Political…

Vadim Voinikov

PhD in Law, Assistant Professor at International and European Law…

Fyodor Voytolovsky

Director of IMEMO RAS, RIAC member

Ruslan Volkov

Employee at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Cairo, Central…

Andrey Volodin

Doctor of History, Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for…

Alexander Vorobyov

Research Fellow at The Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy…

Yegor Voronin

Ph.D, researcher Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

Lev Voronkov

Doctor of Political Science, Professor, MGIMO University

Konstantin Voronov

PhD in History, Sector Head at RAS Institute of World Economy and…

Alexander Vorontsov

PhD in History, Head of the Korea and Mongolia Department, RAS…

Vladislav Vorotnikov

North European and Baltic Studies Center at the MGIMO University

Alexander Vylegzhanin

Doctor of Law, Professor, is a Head of the Program of International…

Aleksander Vysotsky

Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia…

Olga Vykhovanets

Deputy director of Department of implementation of Program for…

Natalia Viakhireva (Evtikhevich)

PhD in Political Science, RIAC Program Manager

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