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World Petroleum Council

November 5, 2019

The Most Relevant and Significant International Council of OIL was organized in Romania

Bucharest, 20 – 23 October, 2019


Source: Incisiv national

  • New International OIL & Gas and Energy Markets
  • New rules, arrangements, players, strategies and alliances
  • New policies and regulations for Energy Security as well as for Energy and Environment Business Intelligence in Europe and all over
“ WE DETECT, LOCATE AND CLASSIFY IN REAL TIME DANGERS ALONG THE ENTIRE OIL, GAS AND ENERGY INDUSTRY’S MONITORING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONALLY, preparing for the 2020 WPC Congress and Exhibition in Texas, the USA. After requesting the honor of attending, more than 10.000 confirmed participants and exhibitors: the launch of the 2023 next Congress of World Petroleum Council in Canada”

A Special Exclusive Agenda dedicated to the international experts approach upon the future OIL, GAS and Energy Markets, and decisions in Europe and worldwide, concerning the WPC and independent companies for:

  • HC Increasing recovery efficiency in the mature fields.
  • Methods and technology.
  • New co-operations and arrangements for the new alliances in the field.
  • Scope: Good business
  • Strategy: Efficiency
  • Targets and Business plan: Cohesion & Integration, globally
  • Objective: Likewise leveraging upcoming and outcome for leveraging sustainability in the oil industries, worldwide

Scientific works & research and upcoming endeavors:

  • New Technologies for: Advanced Recovery Methods
  • Innovation and creativity can lead to new big discoveries on even in mature field areas
  • Challenges by the unusual present petroleum crisis on the International Geoscience Higher Education
  • Enhanced Reservoir Characterization using Modern Well Logging Methods
  • New Technology – Innovative Standalone Cased Hole Formation Evaluation for Mature Fields
  • How Innovative Technologies assistin efficient deployment of IOR methods
  • Optimizing polymer injection field-roll out under uncertainty
  • The Romanian Main Sedimentary Basins Petroliferous Potential
  • The Deepeneing of the Final Recovery in Mature Gas Fields
  • Using up-to-date methods and technologies in mature fields to maximize production and reduce costs
  • Associated storage with Enhanced Oil Recovery: An Overview of a Large Scale Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage, Demonstration in Texas, the USA
  • Low Salinity water injection and the alteration in crude oil properties in contact with low salinity water
  • Reservoir Mapping and GeoSteering innovations to improve production and reservoir understanding
  • Applications of Secondary and Tertiary recovery methods of oil. Perspectives in Romania.
  • Legislative Frame for Oil & Gas Business
  • ECO-BASE European project „Establishing CO2 enhanced Oil recovery Business Advantages in South Eastern Europe”
  • Regulator aspects of CO2 geological storage in Romania
  • „The Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage Technology Implementation in Southern Part of Romania”
  • „Strategic Planning of Regions and Territories in Europe for Low Carbon Energy and Industry through CCUS – Strategy CCUS”
  • „Methods for stabilizing acid tar for acceptance into permanent storage” (brand new technology in the field for delivernig complex integrated & global world-wide solutions for solving environment major pollution occured situatios: Overview and in Premiere International Presentation of Ms. Mihalea Tita)
  • Selection of water treatment technologies based on injectivity simulation under uncertainty
  • Good business for all seasons-Lessons for improvingbrownfield efficiency
  • Applications of Ultrasonic Waves to improve oil recovery
  • Implementation of the integrated field management system on the example of Polish mature natural gas reservoirs
  • Future of EOR/IOR applications on Pakistani mature fields
  • Regional Geophysics, Active Tectonics & Clusters of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Romania
  • Relationships between hydrocarbon „shows” and oil and gas mature firleds from Romania
  • „Shale Gas in Europe, a slowdown or just an abandoned project?”
  • History of Oil in Romania and Overseas


  • The future of Oil & Gas/Renewable Energy Policy and Legislations should become necessary to revise, accordingly.
  • International Legislation and Regulatory Bodies concerning Exploration, Drilling, Extraction, E&P, to include Transport, Distribution & Supply/Engineering Technologies need to be updated.
  • After 160 years of exploration and production of oil and gas in Romania, the country still holds impressive untapped potential for both ON and OFF SHORE Reservoirs.
  • Add to this the bountiful natural gas discoveries in the Black Sea, capable of propelling Romania and its Allies, Friends and Future partners to become essential providers of Energy Security in Europe.
  • There is no doubt that the world is transforming on our very eyes, borders are dissipating with the flow ofnewfound resources, energy systems are getting decentralized.
  • Human ingenuity armed with modern technology is changing the way energy efficiency is managed.
  • Romania and its Allines stands prepared and stake in this „WE invite you to delve deeper the above-mentioned capture.” Dumitru S.
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