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April 9, 2016

The conference aims to provide a detailed analysis of the oil and gas markets of Central and Eastern Europe – Belarus, Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, Ukraine, the European part of Russia both in terms of regional retail, commercial and industrial consumption and in the context of international innovative pipeline and refining projects. The Republic of Belarus is the country with a modern, advanced, highly concentrated refining capacity located at the geographical centre of the region covered by the event. Minsk has traditionally become the location for informative events covering commercial and logistical aspects of oil and gas markets of Belarus itself and its neighbours. This conference is in effect both a development of the traditional spring programme and a new event in terms of content.

THE CONFERENCE WILL COVER AND ANALYSE conditions and evolution of oil and gas markets of Central Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states, European Russia, crude and gas supplier countries to this region and export markets for the region’s refiners, traders and transit operators trade flows for crude, products and gas within the region, pipeline, rail and marine logistics to support these flows the region’s refining – commercial and technological positioning of the leading refiners of Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine Minsk THE CONFERENCE IS INTENDED FOR: Senior, commercial and technical management of vertically integrated oil and gas companies Traders and logistics support specialists of vertically integrated and trading companies Terminal, tanker, rail tank car, pipeline operators, crude and product freight forwarders Refinery and petrochemical engineers Refining and petrochemical process and technology licensors, equipment suppliers Trade and project finance bankers Industry analysts, representatives of pricing agencies

MACROECONOMIC OVERVIEW Current market conditions and possible development scenarios - presented by leading pricing agencies and analysts Crude and refined products markets – 2015 heritage and forecasts for 2016 Risk factors and operational results for oil & gas companies against the backdrop of sanctions and collapsing oil prices Changes to the tax policy in the oil sector and the integration of the EEU markets Trade flows of crude oil and refined products between the EEU countries REFINING AND DOWNSTREAM ECONOMICS IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE The EU energy market of the European Union: oil and gas Trends in the next few years LNG market trends in the CIS and Eastern Europe Gas position in the generation merit order of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic States Prospects for US LNG supplies to Europe Imported LPG – politics or a future mainstream commercial source Renewable energy role – the present and the future THE REGION’S PIPELINE GEOGRAPHY Pipeline infrastructure in Central Europe - bottlenecks and promising projects Current market situation and its impact for the implementation and planning of international pipeline projects Ukrtransnafta’s development strategy and new projects

Oges G P ltd., India - exclusive knowledge macro platform in Asia describes the major importance of this unique event overses:

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