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Undercurrents in Russia-China Bonhomie

... “complementary advantages” to challenge the US domination. Although they are usually seen cooperating and coordinating their positions on various issues, there are instances where they do not share similar views. The two countries consider bilateral cooperation as a key factor in “changing the global picture” and promoting their goals in the international arena. In coordinating their approaches at the international fora, the two countries are keen to ensure that the Central Asian region does ...

Fabbri Valerio
17.12.2021 18:37:16

Why Russia-U.S. Cultural and Educational Exchanges Are So Vital

... international students from Russia pursued higher education in the U.S. in the 2019/2020 academic year. Only 1,050 American students studied in Russia in the same year. By increasing this partnership, U.S.-Russia relations can expand to “develop a habit of cooperation.”Source: TASS Combatting Russophobia Anatoly Antonov, the Russian Ambassador to the United States, wrote a response letter to the New York Times article “Has a U.S. College Given Russia Too Friendly a Platform?” In this letter, Antonov ...

Kalamar Katrina
08.06.2021 18:58:11

Spheres of Cooperation

... transition to the pluralistic multipolar global. The central challenge that has arisen is that the United States continues to intensify its characterization of Russia as a threat. The challenge is for the process of global order reconfiguration to occur with cooperation between the United States and Russia, who during the previous century represented the values of equality, opportunity for self-realization and liberty. A world with a vision, dream, idea or principle to strive for, is a world of peace and ...

Leenders Anna
31.07.2018 11:25:43

Prospects for future cooperation between Russia and France in the Arctic

Arctic current publications often overlook France-Russia relations in the Arctic, though cooperation between the two countries in Northern latitudes is more than five hundred year-old. In 1586, the French explorer Jean Sauvage arrived in Arkhangelsk, where he stayed two month in order to establish trade relations with the Russians. When he ...

блог Арктический
15.04.2015 17:52:00

Ukraine’s tragedy is everyone’s tragedy

... — Putin’s goal — but to complete governmental paralysis, and perhaps sustained separatism. And not only Ukraine will suffer. Europe will suffer, because instability, unpredictability and authoritarianism in its neighbourhood make cooperation impossible. Some of the EU’s Eastern member states, notably the Baltics, perceive Russian meddling in, and control of, Ukraine a hard security threat and feel they could be next on the list — unsurprisingly, as some United Russia ...

Radnoti Andras
17.04.2014 16:14:00

Game not over: on Ukraine’s rebuff to the EU deal

It might seem that, Ukraine having decided not to sign a deal with the EU last week in Vilnius, the Union lost the integration contest to Russia. But developments seem to be on the way. In light of the happenings of the past few days, Europe may come out of this better than it would have, had things gone another way. It has long been known that the talks between the EU and Ukraine should end at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius, with the signing of a Free Trade and Association Agreement...

Radnoti Andras
05.12.2013 03:42:00

‘Estonia will not encourage the EU to boost ties with Russia’: an interview with Baltic-Russian relations expert Karmo Tüür

... relations to the Baltic region and the EU. In this short interview, conducted on the sidelines of the international conference ‘Russia and the EU: potential for partnership?’, he comments on Estonia’s role in the widening of Russo-European cooperation Mr Tüür, do you see a certain level of dissent from the pro-EU mainstream in Estonia? Well, there are two fundamental aspects to this question: first, are Estonians unhappy about something, second, is that because of our membership ...

Radnoti Andras
04.04.2013 14:22:00

Diction on a seesaw: a report on the RIAC conference on EU-Russia relations / Part 2

... ‘goes beyond political and economic realities’. Switching to a constructive approach, Mr Chubais talked about boosting mutual trade, protection of investment and intellectual property, visa simplification (not complete liberalization!) and cooperation in tackling cyberterrorism: realistically-sounding medium-term goals. Much like in the first round, the discussion followed the tone of the opening speech. Lukoil President Vagit Alekperov talked about the need for a legal framework for ...

Radnoti Andras
01.04.2013 02:16:00

Diction on a seesaw: a report on the RIAC conference on EU-Russia relations / Part 1

... potential for partnership?', organised by RIAC and held in Moscow on March 21st As if a code of conduct had been circulated amongst participants, throughout the three discussion panels of the conference there was a consensus that an enhanced cooperation between Russia and the EU is necessary. Mr Medvedev and Mr Barroso defined the tone of the discussion in their opening speeches: the former talked about interdependence and the latter called for a strategic partnership. The foreign policy ...

Radnoti Andras
01.04.2013 02:00:00

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