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Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... torn between its long-standing Western ties and its Neo-Ottoman future. The tension between pragmatic ties with the West and the Kremlin’s determination to preserve Russian’s “sphere of privileged interests” in the Caucasus and Central Asia are palpable. In the South and East of its vast country, Moscow acts more like a neo-imperial power. Like Beijing and (to a much lesser extent) Ankara, it operates a tributary system with smaller neighbours, providing “security” ...

01.05.2013 17:46:00


"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand or more perilous to conduct… than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things." – Niccolò Machiavelli Machiavelli's quote stresses three things. Firstly, it underlines that any new route will likely be perilous. Secondly, it highlights that someone must take the responsibility to direct the nation's path. Lastly, it grants me the chance to include Machiavelli into my blog; for those...

12.04.2013 00:27:00

Water in Central Asia: Rogun and Kambarata-1

There are three legislative mechanisms of water resources regulation in Central Asia. First, there is an international law - documents made by Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia[1], declarations made by all Central Asian states and bilateral agreements on use of particular rivers[2]. Second, there ...

11.04.2013 06:13:00

Oil and Gas Digest

Internet like Steam Engine, is a Technological Breakthrough that Changed the World Peter Singer Up to recently, I was sceptical about Singer's quote. As my economic background reminded me that the light bulb was more revolutionary for growth, and as I am quite a social person, I avoided too much online interaction; but my (belated) discovery of Twitter altered my views. I was never going to tweet about futile things like 'how good was my sandwich', but rather form it into...

02.04.2013 20:07:00

Before we unite

... region it was a concept of Empire’s frontiers that was added to “natural’ understanding of borders. During the Soviet period the idea of “administrative” borders emerged in the region, but only after facing the independence Central Asian countries finally met “borders” as one of the parameters which define the State. Today there is a big unresolved issue in the whole region - delimitation and demarcation is still unfinished. The only state that finished this ...

22.03.2013 09:43:00

What is happening to Kyrgyzstan?

This week Bishkek is up to changing it’s mayor, last week there were gossips about preparing a new revolution; protestants in Jalalabad are erecting tents on the central square of the city. What are the key reasons of Kyrgyzstan’s stable instability? The question of “why Kyrgyzstan can not stabilize it’s political system?” is complex, but if you take a look at the Kyrgyzstan’s political system from outside, you can find three main problems which shape that system...

08.03.2013 21:44:00

“New Great Game” players: Russia and China

... one state “to rule them all”. Taking into account that no CA state will go for it, this idea seems really far-fetched, but he tries to propose in to Kazakhstan along with the common currency. Chinese view Talking about Chinese plans for Central Asia one needs to take into account that “Chinese threat” is often strongly exaggerated. We can not say there is no such, but we also have not enough evidence to show that this threat is as big as it is pictured by media. The issues ...

18.02.2013 21:25:00

Central Asia: Energy Meadow – Dr. Rico Isaacs Interview

Dr. Rico Isaacs is an expert in Central Asian politics and a senior lecturer in International Studies at the Oxford Brookes University. His research concerns the political sociology of Central Asia in particular the interaction between formal and informal politics, institutions and ...

18.02.2013 14:58:00

«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

During the process of preparing and researching for my dissertation «The Role of Eastern Energy Strategy in the Russian Foreign Policy: Opportunities and Threats» at the HSE, I was introduced to this insightful publication «Energy Outlook Until 2035». Today I wish to share its findings and conclusions with anyone who is interested in the oil and gas industry. Before commencing, I just want to give all the appropriate credits and the report link. Please Feel Free to Comment...

18.02.2013 12:29:00

Issues of United States strategy in Central Asia

The concept of Central Asia being a geographical pivot of history was first introduced to public in 1904 by sir Halford John Mackinder. Nowadays geopolitical schemes are still based on the “geographical” part of that idea. We can argue a lot about the ...

12.02.2013 17:12:00


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