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G20 Summit: Looking for Compromise

... paying attention to China, India and other Asian partners, as well as the gradual stable growth of Russia’s interests in Latin America. As for meetings that have the greatest significance for Russia, the key talks for understanding the development of Russia’s foreign policy are the now traditional sessions held with BRICS countries. In addition, a meeting was also held between the heads of state of Russia, India and China (in the RIC format). Objectively, this format could be the most efficient, since interaction between Eurasia’s three largest states is of principal ...


Recalibrate India — Russia Relationship

... encouraged. Some steps, such as the extension of VoA scheme to Indians to selected cities in Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District are encouraging, though not sufficient at all. Creating and sustaining cooperation across diplomatic platforms The Indo-Russian collaboration has been vibrant and active across multiple international forums including BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) that stand out amid the majority of international diplomatic forums led by the West. India’s accession to the SCO and the recent multinational counter-terrorism military exercise provides an opportunity ...


Update 9 Dec Brazil helps Trump make America great again.

... would be dumped onto the financial portfolio of the next president, who takes office in January 2019. It also raises the thorny question of just how "committed" Brazil is to the BRICS.The impending financial walkback on Brazil contributing to BRICS bank was probably known to Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev at the time he visited Brazil last December.Russia, which once held upwards of $100 billion in US Treasury bonds and other instruments, has sold off its dollar holdings in large part to protest Washington's ...


BRICS Summit: A Blessing in Disguise

... Delhi to continue to receive an endless supply of “carrots” from Washington unless India has additional insurance and an alternative counterbalance. For Russia, the current situation is interesting in that now the other “club” members, and not Russia alone, need to protect themselves, and this gives BRICS a new impetus. Now all the BRICS countries are aware of their vulnerability, which is not only theoretical, but quite real. And this awareness, in turn, determines a far greater desire to come to an agreement, not just to politely support Russia ...


Article by Foreign Minister of Russia, published by the South African magazine Ubuntu on July 25, 2018

... finance, culture and humanitarian exchanges. Our South African friends have succeeded in strengthening successive, consistent, sustainable and continuous interaction between the five States. This serves as a foundation for the steady development of BRICS. Russia supports fully BRICS priority areas of action proposed by South Africa for this year. The crosscutting issue of the Chairship – launching partnership on the Fourth Industrial Revolution – is of high relevance for us since it is in line with ...


CGTN and SABC Hold International Live Phone-In Show on the Upcoming BRICS Summit in SAR

... Corporation (SABC) held a live phone-in show on the upcoming BRICS Summit in SAR. On July 23, 2018, China Global Television Network (CGTN) in cooperation with South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) held a live phone-in show on the upcoming BRICS Summit in SAR. The summit will be held on July 25-27 in Johannesburg. The leaders of Russia, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa, as well as the leaders of Argentina, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, and Jamaica will take part in the meeting. The main theme of the summit will be cooperation in the area of economic planning in the face of ...


Why the World is Not Becoming Multipolar

... the experience of European integration, it is worth looking for sprouts of new multilateralism elsewhere. Examples include the BRICS+ project and the “Community of Common Destiny.” Both initiatives attempt to avoid the over-complication, exclusivity,... ... Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 2, 2017, “To reiterate, there are not so many countries that have sovereignty. Russia treasures its sovereignty, but not as a toy. We need sovereignty to protect our interests and to ensure our own development....


SCO: The Cornerstone Rejected by the Builders of a New Eurasia?

... or another. This means that the SCO is still facing institutional competition, albeit in an implicit and relatively mild form. We have already mentioned the SCO’s rivalry with the EAEU, but this is not the only possible scenario. For example, the BRICS organization (which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is based on the Eurasian triangle of Russia, India and China (the “RIC” part of the acronym). Now that India is a member of the SCO, the latter has come to reproduce, somewhat belatedly, the Eurasian triangle ...


70th Anniversary of Russia-India Relations: New Horizons of Privileged Partnership: Report. Foreword from the Indian Side

... BRICS and consolidate its leading role in it by launching the idea of BRICS plus, which will serve as a platform for expanding its geopolitical and geoeconomic goals, and, in the process, diminish the relative role of Russia and India in the forum. Russia’s belief that BRICS can be used to promote multipolarity, offer an alternative vision of global governance, potentially prevent western excesses and so on does not, in India’s eyes, take into account China’s disruptive conduct, its territorial irredentism, its ...


70th Anniversary of Russia-India Relations: New Horizons of Privileged Partnership: Report. Foreword from the Russian Side

... rise in global food consumption, the exacerbation of the problem of chemical fertilizers, the dwindling fresh water reserves and the necessity to disinfect products. All these topics are parts of the new paradigm of strategic partner relations between Russia and India. The SCO and BRICS frameworks are large enough to attract China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and other countries in the Indo-Pacific region to Russia–India bilateral relations in these large-scale projects. In Russia, the task of building a digital economy as a ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
     36 (35%)
    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
     22 (21%)
    Armed conflict still cannot be avoided  
     12 (12%)
    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
     4 (4%)
    Toughening economic sanctions against North Korea  
     2 (2%)
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