Trump plans to increase the U.S. nuclear potential and doubts the New START's usefulness. How should Russia react?

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Research Projects

Russia and Euro-Atlantic Community

The project aims to expand the positive relations between Russia and the Euro-Atlantic community, defuse existing tensions and identify new areas of cooperation that meet the interests of all participating states.

- A New Agenda for Russian-American Relations
- A New Agenda for Russian-British Relations

A Cooperative Greater Europe by 2030

The Task Force will bring forward proposals to allow all countries of the region to decisively break with the costly legacy of the Cold War and focus more effectively on meeting the emerging political, economic, and security challenges of the 21st century. It will address the causes of current levels of mistrust between key countries and actors in the region, have trust-building as a central theme in its deliberations, and will set out a rationale and vision for a cooperative Greater Europe by 2030 and a range of steps necessary to move the international relations of the continent in that direction.

Russia and India: Toward a New Bilateral Agenda

This project envisages the integrated analysis of Russian-Indian bilateral relations; the development of advice for their medium-term (4-6 years) development; the engagement of government bodies, businesses and civil society within the two countries in advancing bilateral relations; accessing untapped potential in the advancement of bilateral relations.

Russia and Japan: How to Solve Problems in Bilateral Relations

The project is intended for the development and exploration of new vehicles for the improvement of relations between Russia and Japan, including expert assessment of possible ways to alleviate the territorial dispute and its influence on other areas of relations; openings for the promotion of trade and economic ties; cooperation in the development of Siberia and the Russian Far East.

Roadmap for International Cooperation in the Arctic

The Roadmap is a document setting out successive steps for Russia's interaction with foreign states and international organizations in the Arctic over the period 2012-2018. The project is intended to promote the realization of Russia's national interests through effective international cooperation in the region. The Roadmap offers diverse coverage of international cooperation in the Polar region including the legal, institutional, natural resource, transportation, ecological, military, scientific and research aspects.

Central Asia After a Possible Withdrawal of Coalition Forces from Afghanistan

The project is designed to explore the likely consequences for the post-Soviet states of Central Asia, i.e. Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan of the withdrawal of U.S. and allied troops from Afghanistan.

Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region: Conceptual Basis for Security and Development Policy

The project is intended to provide conceptual content for APEC 2012 in Vladivostok and for implementing its decisions. The scope of work comprises the development of reports, statements and conceptual documents, including papers reflecting the outcomes of APEC 2012. Also covered is the holding of events for the further discussion and revision of the documents, involving Russian and foreign think tanks, educational and noncommercial institutions.

Raising the Efficiency of Russia’s Participation in G8, G20 and BRICS

This project is designed to provide follow-up work on Russia’s participation in G20, G8 and BRICS, and also to generate recommendations for Russia’s presidency of the G20 in 2013, the G8 and BRICS in 2014.

New Eastern Europe: Analysis of the Situation and Strategic Position of Russia in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic, and European Part of the Post-Soviet Space

The project aims to provide a systemic review of Russian foreign policy resources in Central and Eastern Europe, including the development of a strategic position, methods and instruments for use in attaining Russia’s long-term and medium-term goals in the region.

International Migration Processes: Trends, Challenges and Outlook

The project envisages the preparation of reference and analytical materials, as well as the identification of the optimal solutions to the acute problems currently faced in migration, with the help of the expert community and nongovernmental organizations.

A New Agenda for Russian-Korean Relations

The project covers a review of Russian-Korean relations, highlighting controversial issues and development of a new agenda within a broad range of bilateral cooperation areas, including security on the Korean Peninsula.

Helsinki +40

RIAC is taking part in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly initiative. The Assembly aims to open up the discussion currently limited to the Informal Helsinki +40 Working Group in Vienna, providing important food-for-thought materials and action lines for the OSCE participating States and the Organization as a whole.

Russia and Mexico: new bilateral relations

The goal of the project is to review the current state of relations between Russia and Mexico and to work out recommendations for strengthening the bilateral cooperation. The project analyzes Russia’s and Mexico’s interests; challenges of advancing common interests as well as measures needed to promote Russia’s interests in Mexico.

Middle East: Political Dynamics and Russia’s Interests

The project comprises the analysis of the short- and medium-term consequences of the Arab Spring for Russia’s interests in the region, drafting political resolutions, and drawing up practical steps for their implementation.

Information Security, Response to Cyber Threats and the Use of the Internet to Defend Russia’s National Interests on the International Scene

This project is intended to improve the assessment and forecasting of security threats to Russia’s critical communications facilities and infrastructure.

Russia and Georgia: Ways to Solve Problems in Bilateral Relations

The aim of the Project is to analyze the bilateral relations between Russia and Georgia at the present stage, i.e. studying the dynamics of political dialogue and economic cooperation between the two countries. The Project implies a study of Russian and Georgian interests as well as possible formats and fields of cooperation. Of key importance is the work on offering recommendations and measures to promote improvement of bilateral relations. RIAC actively cooperates with the International Center on Conflicts and Negotiations (ICCN, Georgia) within the framework of the Project.

Development of Russian–Chinese Relations

The project objective – a multivariate analysis of Russia-China bilateral relations by core Russian and Chinese experts and drawing up recommendations and scenarios of further cooperation in strategic aspect.

Russia and Vietnam: Limits and Opportunities of Bilateral Relations
Russia and Vietnam: Limits and Opportunities of Bilateral Relations

Russia-Iran Relations on the Modern Stage

The project aims at analyzing Russian and Iranian interests together with possible formats and areas of collaboration. The analytical work will result in preparation of recommendations and measures to advance bilateral cooperation.

Russia-Italy Relations: Bilateral Cooperation and the Regional Context

The project focuses on reviewing the current agenda of Russia-Italy relations in both political and economic spheres as well as on providing recommendations for promoting cooperation in science, education and culture and reinforcing the dialogue between the civil societies.

Russian-Turkish Relations: Bilateral Cooperation in the Regional Context
Russian-Turkish Relations: Bilateral Cooperation in the Regional Context

Russia and Greece: Prospects and Opportunities for Bilateral Relations

The initiative aims at developing concrete proposals for developing Russian-Greek cooperation in the short- and medium-term perspectives. The project is carried out by the experts of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) in Athens.

Russia and France: a New Agenda

The project aims at developing proposals that could help Russia and France in formulating a new agenda for their bilateral relations. The results could be taken into account by the governments, business and expert communities of both countries. The project will focus on specific measures that could be taken to promote partnership in political, economic and military spheres as well as in the area of culture, science and education.

Studying the New World Order
Studying the New World Order