Trump plans to increase the U.S. nuclear potential and doubts the New START's usefulness. How should Russia react?

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Publication Projects

Roadmap for International Cooperation in the Arctic

The Roadmap is a document setting out successive steps for Russia's interaction with foreign states and international organizations in the Arctic over the period 2012-2018. The project is intended to promote the realization of Russia's national interests through effective international cooperation in the region. .

Raising the Efficiency of Russia’s Participation in G8, G20 and BRICS

This project is designed to provide follow-up work on Russia’s participation in G20, G8 and BRICS, and also to generate recommendations for Russia’s presidency of the G20 in 2013, the G8 and BRICS in 2014. Monograph: Russia in G20, G8 and BRICS, 2013.

New Eastern Europe: Analysis of the Situation and Strategic Position of Russia in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic, and European Part of the Post-Soviet Space

The project aims to provide a systemic review of Russian foreign policy resources in Central and Eastern Europe, including the development of a strategic position, methods and instruments for use in attaining Russia’s long-term and medium-term goals in the region. Collective monograph: Russia’s Interests in the New Eastern Europe. 2012.

International Migration Processes: Trends, Challenges and Outlook

The project envisages the preparation of reference and analytical materials, as well as the identification of the optimal solutions to the acute problems currenatly faced in migration, with the help of the expert community and nongovernmental organizations. Reading: Migration in Russia: the First Decade of the 21st Century, 2000-2012. Reference: Migration Research in Russia. 2012

The edition is a follow-up to the Recommended Reading on Russia in the Global World, 2000-2011, comprising papers by top Russian international relations scholars on current trends in foreign relations and global politics, as well as forecasts for these trends up to 2020. A separate volume contains the basic foreign policy documents of the Russian Federation.

SIPRI Yearbook: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security (in the Russian language)

This project involves the translation of the SIPRI Yearbook into Russian and the preparation of an analytical addendum by scholars at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. For almost 20 years the project has provided regular access to a world’s most reliable and well-known source of information and scholarly analysis for the greater part of the Russian government, the political and expert community engaged in work relating to international security, disarmament and nonproliferation. This is of particular importance for Russia as the overall command of English in the military-political milieu is not at a level sufficient for the comprehensive reading of this highly specific publication.

«Three-volume anthology “Contemporary Foreign International Relations Studies”»

The Anthology brings together a wide range of articles by foreign International Affairs Researchers at the beginning of the 21st Century: from traditional Approaches to study of the fundamental Issues and problems of International Relations and global politics to more unconventional positions And views.
Each section is prefaced by an Article by a prominent Russian International Affairs expert, written specifically for this publication.

«Handbook of Politico-Military Research in Russia»

This publication continues the series of handbooks published by RIAC.
The aim of these handbooks is to define the circle of experts and organizations that are engaged professionally in specific issues of International Relations and global politics. The publication was created in partnership with a RIAC corporate member — the Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU).