Trump plans to increase the U.S. nuclear potential and doubts the New START's usefulness. How should Russia react?

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Education Projects

Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching

To assist large Russian public Universities (mostly, non-Moscow based) in exploring new approaches to studying and teaching the phenomenon of globalization on the basis of the existing – above all, Italian – experience.

Global Science

The project emerged as a vehicle aimed at improving the status of Russian humanities research in the global knowledge market. The need for this is apparent in the position of Russian universities in worldwide ratings, which is to a great extent due to scant publications in foreign editions.The program covers the preparation of a real-life research publication and its subsequent promotion in an English-language journal, ensuring that the acquired skills help make the paper acceptable at that international level.

Preparing Recommendations for the Internationalization of Russian Higher Education to Raise its Quality and Competitiveness, 2013-2017

This project envisages the analysis of the current extent to which Russian universities are “international” and the development of advice for the promotion of Russian scholarly and educational products abroad.