Education and Enlightenment

Our aim is to facilitate the training of career foreign policy workforce through integration into global educational environment.


  • A sponsor of educational programs in international relations for various professional groups;
  • A platform for interaction between Russian higher educational establishments involved in international studies;
  • An instrument for internationalization of Russian universities by making them an integral part of global knowledge and information sharing mechanism;
  • A partner to leading educational centers in training of international affairs specialists and development of advanced educational programs.

We organize summer and winter schools, internship programs, workshop and master-classes conducted by renowned politicians and diplomats, initiate the development of new Russian textbooks on international relations and university curricula, and incentivize academic mobility and exchange programs.

One of our most important achievements is the creation of the RIAC Youth factions on the basis of some of the leading Russian universities with the view to forming career foreign policy skill pool. The Youth Faction is called upon to engage talented youth from various professional groups into international activities and make them participants to global projects and initiatives.

Educational work formats (in partnership with universities and training centers)

  • Summer and winter schools – short-term education programs for Russian and foreign young scholars;
  • Training sessions, master classes and workshops aimed at various professional groups;
  • Lectures given in Russia by prominent foreign scholars and pundits;
  • Translation of foreign textbooks and manuals;
  • Setting up the RIAC library and stocking its funds with the most recent and classical literature on international affairs.