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Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Right Authority

... intervention, which defines who has the right to authorize military intervention. Criterion 6: Right authority It is rather important to ensure that a military intervention is legitimate and has broad support from the international community. The United Nations Security Council is the only international body that should represent the world’s voice and make decisions with binding force. But the politicization of the Security Council sometimes prevents it from making just decisions that could ...

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Proportional Means and Reasonable Prospect

In this entry I explore fourth and fifth criteria for military intervention, which are to determine whether the international community can supply adequate means and whether the intervention can bring more good than harm. 4 and 5 Criteria: Proportional means and reasonable prospect Proportional means and reasonable prospect are intertwined ideas that can be looked at together. Reasonable prospect means that after intervention the situation in the country must be better than if the intervention...

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Just Cause and Right Intention

... and are not likely to give up on their interests easily. To be continued... [1] U.N. Security Council, 3368th meeting.Resolution 912 (S/RES/912). 21 April 1994. [2] U.N. Security Council. Report of the Independent Inquiry into the actions of the United Nations during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda (S/1999/1257).16 December 1999. [3] U.N. Security Council. 6498 th meeting. Resolution 1973 (S/RES/1973). 17 March 2011. [4] U.N. Refugee Agency. Syria Regional Refugee Response. http://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/regional....

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Last Resort

In my previous blog entry I talked about the politicized and selective approaches of UN Member States to making decision on intervention into intra-state conflicts. So, what could be the solution to this problem? What is needed to minimize the politicization? Clear criteria for military intervention should be defined in international law, so that when an intra-state conflict erupts, the international community, having timely assessed the conflict on the ground, could run through a checklist of those...

Politicization of the United Nations: the Human Cost

The goal of “saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war” professed by the international community in the United Nations Charter quite often collides with the real resources and risks that UN Member States are willing to commit to achieve it. The horrifying levels of human suffering experienced in Somalia, Rwanda and now Syria are just some of examples of ...

Ответственность по защите: своевременное и решительное реагирование

После того, как международное сообщество оказалось неспособно предотвратить геноцид в Руанде в 1994 году и массовые убийства в Сребренице в 1995 году, мировые лидеры поклялись, что никогда больше такого не допустят. В 2000 году Кофи Анан обратился к Генеральной Ассамблее ООН с вопросом: «Если гуманитарная интервенция - это посягательство на суверенитет государства, то как тогда международное сообщество должно реагировать на ужасающие нарушения прав человека, противоречащие всем законам человеческого...

Russia’s Reasons for UN Veto

For the third time since the beginning of the bloody crisis in Syria, UN Security Council failed to adopt resolution on Syria. Security Council seems not to be able to perform its main duty – a duty to restore international peace and security, a duty to protect Syrian people from ongoing violence. The blame for continuing bloodshed is almost unanimously put on Russia… and China. Well, Russia is apparently condemned the most, China just gets mentions as a second partner in the obstructive...

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