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Why Chemical Weapon Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear

Today chemical weapons pose a more challenging and dangerous threat than even nuclear ones. Recent events in the UK’s Salisbury and Syrian city of Duma make one reassess the problem of chemical weapons Ekaterina Konovalova: MAD's Midlife Crisis: The Impact of US-Russia Rivalry on International Arms Control Chemical weapons emerged much earlier than other weapons of mass destruction — nuclear, biological and radiological. Great powers conducted experiments with chemical agents in the XIXth century...


MAD's Midlife Crisis: The Impact of US-Russia Rivalry on International Arms Control

... understanding that it is impossible to win a nuclear war disappeared. None of the world leaders uses this formula now [“nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought”].” Disarmament diplomacy in action: Russian and US approaches for strengthening WMD regimes Dmitry Stefanovich: US Nuclear Policy Upgraded Certainly, the existing regimes for non-proliferation or prohibition of WMD differ from each other. While the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the NPT have institutionalized specialized ...


Are Chemical Weapons Getting More Dangerous Than Nuclear?

... Nuclear arms’ holders belong to an exclusive club of economically and technologically advanced nations which have invested immense energies, resources and time in acquiring nuclear arsenals. We usually apply the term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (WMDs) to a variety of nuclear, chemical, radiological and biological weaponry capable of killing or harming large numbers of humans and inflicting large-scale damage to economic and social infrastructure, or to the biosphere. The term remains somewhat ...


An American Paradox: Pillorying Fake News while Promoting False Flags

... counts! After a while, fake news, lurid allegations and gutter politics are autonomously perpetuated through a zombified sheeple. Thereafter, the deep state only has to provide directions to the slaughter house.This pathos was apparent when the latest WMD allegations were arrayed against Syria. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, did not disappoint with her inimitable performance. Her repertoire was as forceful and convincing as the incongruous melange of a Bollywood tear-jerker, rampant American ...


Co-chairs’ Summary of the Global Zero Rome Meeting on a Middle East WMD-free Zone

11-12 June 2014 — Global Zero convened a high-level conference in Rome on a Middle East WMD-free zone, bringing together government officials, former officials and experts from the Middle East and elsewhere in partnership with the Russian International Affairs Council. At the meeting, participants engaged in frank discussions and a thorough ...


WMD-Free Zone for the Middle East Discussed in Rome

On June 11-12, Rome was the venue of an international conference on establishment of a WMD-free zone in the Middle East sponsored by the Global Zero and Russian International Affairs Council. The Russian delegation included Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, a RIAC member, Russian Ambassador in Italy Sergey Razov, RIAC President Igor ...


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