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UN Headquaters: Is It Worth Trying to Move a Cemetery?

First, it is too expensive; second, it is technically highly complicated; and, third, no active resident support is likely Since I once worked at the Soviet UN mission on East 67 th Street in Manhattan, I know that not all New Yorkers are happy to have the UN Headquarters in their city. Of course, this institution promotes local patriotism, being yet another argument in the endless discussion on what city has the right to be called the capital of the world. But the long residency of rich East River...


Prospects for Liberalizing Visa Regime between Russia and China

... Chinese nationals in Russia on a reciprocal basis. 3. Expand the rules on the simplified procedure for tourists and investors entering the Russian Far East to other regions of the Russian Federation. 4. Simplify the procedure for issuing multiple-entry visas for Russian and Chinese nationals and increase their term of stay. 5. Resolve the issue of granting student visas on a reciprocal basis with the right to engage in temporary employment. 6. Greatly simplify mutual trips for residents of neighbouring ...


Georgia, the European Union and Associated Membership

The European Union Association Agreements with Georgia and Moldova came into force on July 1, 2016. The agreements envisage harmonizing the legislation to bring the Associated Members closer to the EU norms and requirements. But what does the European Union have to offer Georgia other than European values and numerous consultants and advisers? On June 27, 2014, Georgia and Moldova signed an agreement with the European Union on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. The agreement was applied on...


Vitaly Naumkin: Who Tramples on Human Rights in Crimea?

... fundamental human right. Today we perceive the freedom of travel as a milestone achievement of contemporary Russia. However, our western partners keep denying Russian citizens who reside in Crimea their right to apply to their respective embassies for visas. Does either the United States or the European Union bear a grudge against these people? Are they in any way guilty because they chose to live in Russia, not in Ukraine? One can at least try to name a few reasons to impose sanctions against state ...


On refugee crisis in EU

... within the competence of the member countries. The current situation in Greece is a vivid manifestation of this inherent flaw. Something similar happened to the second project, Schengen. The Europeans had everything neatly planned — how to issue visas to those who live “on the other side of the fence,” how to take fingerprints and even how many hours a day a truck driver in the EU should spend at the wheel. However, they hadn’t thought up anything concerning the issue of granting ...


A Common Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok: Still a Pipedream

... asylum seekers and persons awaiting deportation and readmission. The report explicitly analyses new trends in Russia's policies to regulate legal and labor migration, although these issues have no direct association with the cancellation of the Schengen visas. The report also indicates that Russian law enforcers have been cooperating closely and effectively with their EU counterparts. The European Commission's "First Progress Report on Implementation of Common Steps Toward Visa-Free Short-Term Travel ...


Russian Migration Policy: Restrict or Liberalize?

Should Russia introduce a visa regime for citizens of CIS countries? The problem of illegal migration in Russia has been exacerbated to a large extent by the mixed migration regime with CIS countries that combines both liberal and restrictive tools. The experience of developed countries shows that in order to solve this problem, Russia has to opt for either consistent restraint or consistent liberalization of migration and employment in the region. In recent decades, many attempts have been made...


A World With no Borders or Visas: Utopian or Inevitable?

... its changes could be even greater and more effective if the movement of people, goods and services were not constrained by national borders. However, there are many indications that shifts in this direction will not be long in coming. The position of visas and border controls will to a great extent hinge on the future of the nation state. Opinions differ regarding the latter , but current developments already suggest that with time the sovereignty of individual states will inevitably be restricted....


There Has Been No Downturn in Russian-French Relations

... believe the two countries should try hard and launch a meaningful program. For example, such an impulse might come from the Moscow-Kazan rapid railway. The Russian year in France and the French year in Russia seem to have been very successful, with visas issued to Russian citizens in a preferential mode. Will this be extended? Will France stand up for canceling the visa regime for Russians? Actually, the year was really a success, not just in the cultural context. Many economic and political projects ...


Russia and the EU: when will visas be abolished?

... for such reunions – cooperation in power industry matters and drafting of a new EU-Russia Framework Agreement, were left to live in the shadow of the recent Russian parliamentary elections, the visa problem was significantly high on the agenda. Visas as a Test to Brussels The European Union has taken a very cautious stance as regards the visa issue. The EU is apprehensive about potential Russian migrants as well as unprotected Russian borders in the South. So many statements are made on the ...


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