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The End of OPCW-UN mechanism. What Stands Behind the Russian “No”?

... Expert Analyzes 7th JIM report On November 16, the Security Council failed to renew for another year the mandate of the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism (hereinafter “JIM”) set to expire on November 17. The US draft was rejected by Russian veto (voting 11 in favour, 2 against, 2 abstained). The Russian draft was also rejected by the Security Council (4 in favour, 7 against, 4 abstained). The next day, another draft resolution, tabled by Japan, was vetoed by Russia (12 in favour, 2 against,...


Liberum Veto and the Monkey and the Pea

... represented, but India is absent. France and the United Kingdom are present, but Germany or the European Union as a whole are not. Neither Africa nor the Middle East nor Latin America are represented. As for procedures, the primary bone of contention is the veto enjoyed by the five permanent members, which allows any of the Big Five to block any and all decisions that fail to please them. Andrey Kortunov: The Day the United Nations Ceased to Exist It is clear that the first of the two problems looks more ...


Why Russia Was Right to Veto the Malaysian Boeing Tribunal

... downing, Malaysia introduced a draft resolution to the UN Security Council, which proposed a special tribunal for investigating the crime and prosecuting its perpetrators. Despite the support of this resolution from the Council’s majority, Russia vetoed it on July 29, 2015. This move was met with an international outcry, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power being among the first. “Russia has tried to deny justice to the 298 victims on that plane,” Power said . While the U.S.-led ...


French Chicanery at the United Nations

With the 70th anniversary of the United Nations celebrated this fall, France has made a big splash by proposing limiting the right of veto exercised by the permanent members of the UN Security Council, i.e. by Russia, China, United Kingdom, the United States and France. But these ostensibly good intentions of preventing crimes against humanity appear to be an attempt to pave the way ...


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