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Liz Truss Is But a Symptom of Britain's Political Failures

... that the problem we face here is not only about the bad luck Truss had or the specific mistakes Truss made. Rather, the problem might have much deeper roots in the very foundation of the contemporary liberal political systems. Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order On one hand, universal imperatives of social and economic development call for long-term strategic planning that might almost by default imply that Western leaders should be ready to go for radical, painful and sometimes ...


We Will Need to Return to Dialogue

Relations between Russia and the UK have taken a hard knock from recent events. The poisoning by nerve agent of Sergei and Yulia Skripal has dealt a sharp blow to Russia’s relations with the UK, and with Europe NATO and beyond. And things could get even worse. With further measures being announced as we write, there is increasing talk of a new Cold War. Yet the situation today is very different, and in some respects even more dangerous. After the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, both sides knew, and...


Relations between the United States and Russia are more dangerous than during the Cold War

... the Russian Armed Forces in 2009 as a lieutenant general. Paul Saunders: You said recently that the confrontation between the United Kingdom and Russia over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury could lead to “the last war in ... ... correspondent understood me incorrectly. It is not between Russia and the UK: it is between Russia and the so-called collective West, led by the United States by the way. This incident was a crime. In investigating this sort of crime, any investigator must ...


Four Simple Questions About Expulsions of Russian Diplomats

... Russians from their embassy in Washington and the consulate in New York. Another 12 working for the Russian Mission at the United Nations were expelled as well. Russia was not slow to reciprocate, expelling more than a hundred diplomats representing the United Kingdom, the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, France, the Netherlands and many other predominantly Western countries. Many questions remain about whether the British side has produced enough proof that the Russians have been officially or unofficially responsible for this outrageous act. Supporters of the coordinated Western demarche claim that finally,...


The West’s Unilateral Cold War

... West is really a problem among Westerners themselves. If there is a new cold war, it is only because established elites have not come to terms with reality: the balance of military, political, economic, and moral power has shifted too far away from the West to be reversed. Rising tensions between the United Kingdom and Russia are but further proof that Russia and the West, according to no less an authority than Richard N. Haass , President of the Council on Foreign Relations, have entered a “ Cold War II ”. I tend to disagree. Yes, Russia’s ...


Return of the Dungeons of the Seven Towers

... settlement. Nevertheless, the Topkapi Palace would rejoice enthusiastically at another shaming of the Ottoman dynasty’s nefarious adversary. No foreign envoys get locked up anymore in our more humane times. However, the recent massive campaign in the West to expel Russian diplomats is fairly in line with the controversial tradition of the Sublime Porte. Dozens of diplomatic officers overseas have found themselves hostage to a problem they have nothing to do with. Furthermore, the very presence of ...


Andrey Kortunov Gave a Lecture in London School of Economics

On December 8, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, delivered a public lecture in London School of Economics «The Kremlin’s logic: evolution of relations between Russia and the West». The lecture was attended by London School of Economics’ and other British universities’ professors and PhD students, think tank representatives, government officials and journalists.


From "Small Cold War" to Strained Relations

... and other alleged violations of international law by Russia sparked a return to political confrontation between Russia and the West, including the UK. Moreover, the benefits of bilateral economic cooperation have failed to strengthen the countries’ ... ... III did little to encourage Russia and Britain to arrive at understanding and to find avenues for cooperation. Although the United Kingdom adhered to European diplomatic efforts to solve the Ukrainian problem, it has never ruled out the American approach,...


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