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AI in International Relations: The Era of “Digital Diplomacy”

... the Enlightenment.” - Henry Kissinger In view of the sorry conditions that the world’s international relations find themselves today, some argue that there may be a case for an upgrade in international diplomacy, perhaps with elements of higher technology in establishing cross-country communication lines. One such area where a technological upgrade is already progressing is the use of AI in international diplomacy. In particular, China has been active in making use of AI in providing insights ...


Everything on Display

... show of strength and subversive operations (if they can still remain covert, of course), but certainly not into a dialogue designed to reach an agreement. Remarkably, this is happening not because of the information revolution or qualitative changes in technology, as many expected, but because of dreadful squabbles and professional degradation that have plagued the political elites in many countries at once and, above all, because of the fierce struggle for power. In other words, the reason is as old ...


Russian–Chinese Dialogue: The 2019 Model

The 5th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University The 5th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University presents the сommon views of leading Russian and Chinese international affairs experts on the development of Russia–China cooperation in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. The authors analyze the dynamics of Russia–China interaction on...


India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage

... and metals mining, across Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru; investing in holdings of agri-commodities from Sugar in Brazil to Soya in Argentina, and beyond; and in establishing manufacturing facilities in automobiles, besides nesting research, development and technology centers through the pharmaceutical (Ranbaxy, Reddys’ Laboratories, etc.,) and information technology (Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, etc.,) entities, who are accounting for one-half of all local employment procreated, by such investment....


Communication Lines in Diplomacy: Expanding the Possibility Set

... international accords undermined the global community is faced with mounting challenges ranging from trade disputes to disruptions in the technological cooperation. This breakdown in diplomatic communication and international relations is starting to impact the technology of broader day-to-day communication, in particular the pace of transition of the world economy to 5G, as China’s rising technological capabilities in this area are starting to encounter headwinds from the broader US-China trade dispute. While ...


Emerging Military Technologies: Talking Points

... But we believe that they offer a useful perspective on the challenges presented by emerging military technologies. THE TASK FORCE ON COOPERATION IN GREATER EUROPE: ISTANBUL, 8-9 APRIL 2019 EMERGING MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES: TALKING POINTS New military technology is inevitable and can be stabilising. But destabilising military technologies are appearing and proliferating at speed. This is serious. It is a very difficult systems problem. It carries rising risks of misjudgement, miscalculation, misinterpretation,...


RAI. Remotely Accessible Intelligence

... to say so. For this system, a hierarchy of platforms and applications in different languages — from cultural, social, national, and international institutions to law, medicine, politics — was created. In the course of history, intelligence was a technology always in extremely short supply, and mass implementation of complex intelligence forms only became possible after the invention of mechanical movable type printing and related popular reading technology [ 2 ]. Widespread reading was exactly ...


AI Nationalism and AI Nationalization Are ahead

... its unrivalled military and technological superiority. Nonetheless, technologies that had previously formed the foundation of the country’s military defense, such as high-precision weapons, have spread throughout the world due to globalization and technology transfer. As a result, the rivals of the United States have developed their own capabilities that offer a progressively greater challenge to U.S. military superiority. To retain and expand its military edge in future, the U.S. Department of ...


Robots To Define Russian Geopolitics

On December 1, Abishur Prakash launched a groundbreaking new book called “Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology).” It looks at how new technologies like robotics, embryo editing, and food cloning will transform world affairs. Russia is featured multiple times in the book for its advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. Russia is in a period ...


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