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How Trump is Changing Iran from the Inside

... States announced its withdrawal from the nuclear deal. We can thus surmise that Trump’s decision with regard to Iran does not so much create new problems as it does exacerbate existing ones. The Iranian Protest The most recent currency spike led to protests in Tehran and several other cities around the country. The demonstrations were localized and did not snowball into serious clashes, although several sources reported a number of detentions. Major incidents of civil unrest in Iran took place in ...


What is going on in Yerevan?

... received less than 8 per cent of the votes. To be fair, Sargsyan is hardly a popular, charismatic politician: during his time as President, a sizeable portion of the population grew disillusioned with the government, which periodically gave rise to protests. All these protests, however, came to nothing, so this time around the possibility of the weak and divided opposition converting the public dissatisfaction into political action appeared to be negligible. Hovhannes Nikoghosyan: Armenia after ...


Iran's Hot Winter Month of Dey

The latest anti-government protests in Iran are solely a result of another round of domestic infighting between reformists and radical conservatives This year's Dey month (the first day of winter in the Iranian calendar, beginning in December and ending in January) proved to ...


Between Promising and Performing: Labor in Argentina

... Union of Argentinean Workers and its largest member, the Association of Government Workers which covers most of the four million clerks who still tend towards Kirchnerism, have chosen antigovernment policies and are appealing for strikes and street protests. Most serious are the workers of provincial state education institutions who expect cuts for those who was hired during the final stretch of Ms. Kirchner and are members of their association. Nine months after Mr. Macri's election, the social ...


The Daredevils of Sasun

... armed coup. Eight people were taken hostage , including two high-ranking police officers. During the week, all the hostages were released in exchange for journalists being granted permission to speak to members of the group. At the same time, mass protests calling for the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan began in Yerevan. The mostly peaceful protests saw isolated clashes with the police. Who are the Daredevils of Sasun? At the moment, the mass protests have no clear leader. The name of ...


Moldova: As Pavel Filip Forms Cabinet, the Opposition Unites in Protest

... that it monitored the situation in Moldova closely, and President Vladimir Putin put the issue of Moldova on the agenda of the Security Council meeting. At the same time, severe criticism of power by the pro-Russian parties and their numerous acts of protests testify to the revolutionary stance of the opposition. This accounts for the uncompromising nature of their demands. DA Civil Platform has already supported the demand to freeze the Euro-integration of Moldova for a specified period, namely for ...


Russia – Learning from Armenia

Стратегическая значимость Армении The mass protests that swept Yerevan and other Armenian cities in June 2015 put Armenia at the focus of attention of politicians and experts. Ostensibly, the protests were triggered by the June 2015 decision of the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) ...


Protests in Ecuador: a New Challenge for Rafael Correa

Mass protests which began on August 13, 2015 against the policies of President Rafael Correa swept across different regions of Ecuador. Those who disagree with the current government took to the streets of the country’s cities and towns enraged with the ...


Brazil: Political Crisis and Hunger for Change?

In April 2015 Dilma Rousseff marked the first 100 days of her second term as President of Brazil. This date, which is traditionally regarded as quite significant for Heads of State, took place amidst escalating corruption scandals, mass protests by civil society, a deteriorating economic situation and worsening disagreements within the ruling coalition. The growing instability is giving rise to uncertainty about the political situation. Grounds for social protests In March - April 2015,...


Where Turkey is Heading?

... but its government does change through the ballot box and it is definitely more democratic than it was a decade ago. Moreover, the country has come to be seen as a model for nations emerging from the Arab Spring. Despite all those achievements, the protests have shaken up the country for over three weeks. What is behind these protests and what will these protests mean for the future of democracy in Turkey? Rector and professor of Aksaray University Dr. Mustafa Acar shares his insights on the situation ...


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