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The Case Against Huawei: Stigmatize It

The US Department of State campaigning is doing more harm to the US-led globalization efforts in the field of ICT than all the hackers and cyber spies put together The US Department of State has posted a video about the dangers posed by 5G technology on its Russian-Language Twitter account , where China’s Huawei is named as the greatest threat. The video is based on a series of accusations against Huawei and actually urges the views to steer clear of it. This material could be posted by the media...


Five Challenges for Modern Public Diplomacy and How to Tackle Them

Serious confrontation between Russia and the West is not the best environment for developing public diplomacy: Many view it as hidden propaganda instead of a tool of improving bilateral relations between countries. How can one deal with the problem in the current situation? “Hybrid Analytica: Pro-Kremlin Expert Propaganda in Moscow, Europe and the U.S.,” reads the title ...


“Russian Propaganda”: On Social Networks, in Eastern Europe, and Soon Everywhere

A Review of the RAND Corporation's Report "Russian Social Media Influence" “Russia is engaged in an active, worldwide propaganda campaign,” reads the fairly straightforward beginning of RAND Corporation’s report on Russia’s influence on East European countries via social media. The document, compiled by eight authors with support from the Office of the U.S. Secretary ...


Russia and the West: An Information War?

... right, the link between the assumed general quarters and the assumed soldiers in information warfare becomes even less obvious. So why are independent media and blogs often much more aggressive than state-owned networks? Why are people eager to spread propaganda at their own free will without any coercion, producing a multiplier effect? To answer this question, we should look deep into our collective consciousness, so deep that it goes beyond the ongoing political developments. The inner self we need ...


How Propaganda Re-shapes the Information Space for Russia, the West

A recent report of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), “Propaganda and Freedom of the Media,” raises the question of whether there has been an erosion of journalism integrity both in Russia and the West. Implicitly, it highlights how the perception of what makes for good reporting has been changing since ...


New Aspects of the Ukraine Crisis: Civil Society

... particular attention should be paid to the mistakes that Russian and Western leaders have made over the past 20 years, which brought us to this current state of affairs. It would be an overstatement to fix the blame entirely on both sides’ government propaganda. Just like the United States and Europeans, Russia is an open country whose citizens travel abroad, interact and work with foreigners, and they are free to come to their own conclusions on the basis of their own experiences. But now their opinions ...


For Russia, soft power doesn’t have to mean being a softy

... International Relations (MGIMO-University), to discuss the country’s attempts at using soft power. In the interview below, Kortunov and Lebedeva discuss the reasons why Russia struggles to improve its image abroad as well as the controversial role of propaganda in modern geopolitics. Russia Direct: What are the major problems of Russian soft power? Andrei Kortunov : I would highlight three levels of problems as well as three distinct types of problems. The first level is having an objective foundation ...


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