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Why the Double Standards?

... interview with the German Broadcasting Company ARD. Critics argue that the President of the European Commission does not have the power to negotiate international agreements, but... ... this comply with the EU’s constitutional framework in accordance with the rule of law? By no means, but Juncker managed to achieve what Merkel and Macron could not, a... ... By the end of 2017, the EU Commission had initiated infringement proceedings against Poland because of an alleged breach of Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union. The...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
     33 (31%)
    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
     30 (28%)
    U.S. wants to dissolve Russia  
     24 (22%)
    U.S. wants to establish alliance relations with Russia under the US conditions to rival China  
     21 (19%)
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