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North Korea, Iran, and Prospects for Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. RIAC Hosts a Webinar on Nuclear Non-Proliferation

... talk about non-proliferation at forums and summits, but when it comes to specifics, saying something definite seems problematic. The expert also noted that in the Russian Federation the overwhelming majority of citizens do not consider the process of nuclear disarmament from a positive point of view, as the loss of a nuclear shield will lead to a reduction in the military potential of the Russian Federation, which, naturally, will be used by Russian opponents. Among the majority of Russian politicians,...


Russia Reduces 204 Nuclear Deployed Warheads between March and September 2017

... or 6 for SS-19 “Stiletto”, whose service after repeated life extension programs also obviously approaches its end. A grand ceremony for any of these events could have become a vivid symbol of Russia's peaceful foreign policy and a commitment to nuclear disarmament, but the obvious problems with the development of the new heavy SS-30 “Sarmat” ICBM and the negative trail in the SS-N-32 “Bulava” SLBM program may have led to a negative reaction within Russia. For American partners everything ...


The World Must Pursue Calculated Disarmament

Recently, more than 120 countries have backed the first-ever treaty to eliminate the nuclear weapons around the globe, despite a boycott by all nuclear-armed nations. By ratifying the treaty, each state party undertakes not to; develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices, under any circumstances. Article 6 of the treaty, urges all the nuclear weapons states to initiate the process towards the total elimination of...


Are Nuclear Weapons Useful? A Response to Mikhail Troitskiy

... influence,” if the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee himself urged the abandonment of the use of nuclear weapons for political purposes? Incidentally, the Reagan administration did not think much of Gorbachev's initiatives on global nuclear disarmament and tried to duck the issue. Nuclear weapons are designed to solve two tasks. Their military task is to destroy the strategic potential of the opponent by carrying out countervalue, counterforce or decapitation attacks. Their military-political ...


Why Nuclear weapons are strategically useless? Response to Alexei Fenenko

... of course important considerations for both sides in terms of maintaining bilateral nuclear parity. However, even more importantly, Moscow and Washington publicly presented their agreements as proof of their honest adherence to general and complete nuclear disarmament pursuant to Article VI of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). Both the USSR/Russia and the United States have traditionally been preoccupied with fulfilling their obligations under the NTP and sought to limit ...


RIAC Working Paper "Multilateral Approach to Nuclear Disarmament". Review by Nuclear Threat Initiative

GlobalSecurityNewswire Reporter: Russian Expert Urges to Ban Ground-Based Missile In early 2014, the Russian International Affairs Council published a working paper " Multilateral Approach to Nuclear Disarmament " devoted to strategic stability and control of nuclear weapons, which was reviewed by Rachel Oswald from GlobalSecurityNewswire who cited the paper's major author Dr. Alexander Savelyev, Head of Strategic Research Section at ...


Multilateral Approach to Nuclear Disarmament

... paper №9 The goal of this research is to examine one of the possible options to continue disarmament process involving all member states of the Big Five. This study represents a vision of potential actions by Russia to engage third countries in the nuclear disarmament process at it subsequent stages, analyses the current state in nuclear sphere. The author develops the key idea, which could serve as a basis for multilateral negotiations. The author takes into account viewpoints of the leading experts ...


Deterrent Shield is Not Enough – Sword Needed

On March 6 RIAC in conjunction with the international organization Global Zero held youth debates “Nuclear Disarmament: “For” and “Against” . The discussions covered the current situation with regard to nuclear weapons, positions of leading nuclear powers, possibility of including third countries into the disarmament dialogue ...


RIAC Invites Young Experts to Debate “Nuclear Disarmament: Pros and Contras”

On March 6, 2013, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in partnership with international organization Global Zero is to hold a young experts’ debate on pros and contras of nuclear disarmament. Two 30-40-year old scholars will present opposing reports on the virtues and shortcomings of nuclear disarmament, after which participating young specialists should join the discussion with the final aim to reach a consensus, no matter ...


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