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“Soft Powers” Fighting over Transitional Societies: The Case of Myanmar

... help in resolving problems in their economic and social development the their people will have the time and energy to think about political regime, education, and freedom of speech, i.e. about the values that classical soft power broadcasts. Fight for Myanmar Aida Simoniya: Why Have the Reforms in Myanmar Slowed Down? China has adhered to such a strategy since the early 2000s. This has been particularly obvious in its relations with Myanmar. Without attempting to appear more democratic than it was,...


The Myanmar Perestroika

Myanmar essentially has two centres of power Serious changes are taking place in Myanmar. The military regime that had been in power since 1962 was replaced with a civil government. During the first years of its independence, Myanmar played an active ...


Myanmar’s Future President: Candidate in Question

The formal opening sitting of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar’s parliament took place on February 1, 2016. It was attended by foreign diplomats and hundreds of journalists from both domestic and foreign media. The new parliament was convened after the opposition party, the National League for Democracy ...


Aung San Suu Kyi on Foreign Land

On Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit to China On June 11, 2015, Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of Myanmar’s opposition party National League for Democracy (NLD) began a five-day visit to China. After being released from house arrest over four years ago, the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner has visited many countries in North America, Europe and ...


Why Have the Reforms in Myanmar Slowed Down?

After three years of the international community’s euphoria and enthusiasm about the political reforms in Myanmar, since mid 2014 there has been talk of them slowing down and even of backsliding on democratization in the country. Ms. Yanghee Lee, the recently appointed new UN Special Rapporteur on human rights situation in Myanmar, has prepared a report on ...


Awakening of the “burmese elephant”

The Burmese “Perestroika”: Judgment of a Layman It is entirely possible that the crucial events of 2012 in the Pacific Rim will be the processes going on in Myanmar (former Burma) and around it. The military who came to power as a result of 1988 events (the former “socialism-oriented” regime of U Ne Win brought the country on the brink of a collapse which resulted in an uprising) are quitting the stage ...


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