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A Pragmatic View on Migration

... policy build the basis for future development of the migration policies? Take an example. The migration policies of Western states after the WWII were essentially driven on pragmatic grounds. Those policies ended up providing the basis for elements of multiculturalism and for funding the Union policies, as well as developing kind of basis for more structured relations particularly with the past colonies. In deciding between different pragmatic policies there must be the same stake, and ideas to what ...


Future of Europe and Demographic Complexities

... the interpretation of geo-political conflicts. This 21st century theory claims that future conflicts will take place largely in cultural lines between countries and communities or within the same community. This theory believes that immigration and multiculturalism will lead to the creation of new minorities and ethnicities. It will work to tear communities and nations. It is likely to continue to cling to the idea or strategy that political boundaries should be compatible with the cultural borders ...


The Migration Collapse in Austria Threatens to Hit the Schengen Area

Austria is generally considered to be one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. But the problem of Muslim migrants has hit the Austrian people. On New Year’s Eve, migrants from the Middle East and North Africa were responsible for an unprecedented wave of violence in the country. As a result, the Austrian government is prepared to rip up one of the foundations of the European Union – the Schengen Agreement. On January 16, 2016, Europe was rocked by Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann’s...


Transnational Migration as an Issue of Political Theory

... 1940s, both countries provided residents of former colonies with free entry and subsequent naturalization. Photo: The pure case of the multicultural model is Canada after 1971 when Ottawa officially proclaimed bilingualism and multiculturalism of the Canadian nation (b) The liberal model exists in most West European countries. Based on the concept of individual rights, it settles the entry and naturalization issues on the individual basis proceeding from the state's needs ...


Multiculturalism in Western Europe: Beyond the Rhetoric

Is the Comeback of Multiculturalism a Reality? Countries of the New World – the United States, Canada and Australia – are known as “immigration states” for good reason: the American, Canadian and Australian nations are all products of immigration....


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