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Interview with Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO © GEM.Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO became Honorary Membership at Global Education Magazine. Javier Collado Ruano: Today, 5th December 2015, International Volunteer Day, we give welcome to our special guess: Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO. I have had the opportunity to dialogue with her during the 2nd UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education celebrated in February of 2015...


Global Education Magazine: International #Volunteer Day

Download here Global Education Magazine - International Volunteer Day . "All that is not given is lost" Indian Proverb .. The Ecological and Social Footprint: A Challenge for Global Citizenship La huella ecológica y social: un desafío para la ciudadanía mundial Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Edition International Volunteer Day, Salimatou Fatty Interview with Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO The World is Changing. Are you? Volunteer! Richard Dictus La...


Global Education Magazine: World Water Day

... An Interview with Felix Dodds, by Maria Bolevich Entrevista con Cristina Núñez-Madrazo, Directora del Centro de EcoAlfabetización y Diálogo de Saberes de la Universidad Veracruzana, por Javier Collado Ruano - ARTICLES 1st) Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section: El agua es vida, Araceli Lozano Pulido (ONGAWA) El FUTURO EMBOTELLADO: Agua y Seguridad para el Tercer Mundo,Olenka Ochoa Berreteaga How to Eliminate the War in our Planet, Fernando Alcoforado ...


Global Education Magazine: International Human Solidarity Day

Global Education Magazine 20th December 2014 International Human Solidarity Day Read the publication rules and share your ideas and experiences with all the world! Submission DEADLINE November 20 Global Education Magazine logo meaning from Global Education Magazine


Global Education Magazine: International Day of Peace

... Interview with Dr. Katherine Müller-Marin, Representative of UNESCO to VietNam . Interview – Qaryah Thayyibah: An Alternative School in Salatiga, Indonesia . Global Education as a Transformative Learning, Alicia Cabezudo . ARTICLES 1st) Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section: Healing a Divided Planet: Proposed Actions on Transboundary Learning and Innovation,Serafin D. Talisayon Madrasa Education in Pakistan: in the Context of Government Policy,Sanchita Bhattacharya ...


Global Education Magazine: International Women´s Day (8th March 2014)

... nombreuses femmes aux grands cœurs, aux sourires enjôleurs et dotés d’un très grand courage!/ My Mom Is Part of a Long Line of Many Women With Big Hearts, Smiles and Endowed with Great Courage! Sonia Colasse ARTICLES 1st) Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section: Inspiring Change With the Women’s Directorship Programme, Amy Lau and Nick Marsh Empoderamento feminino sem fronteiras, Valdir Lamim-Guedes, Eliane Santana, Luciene Silva Souza, Paulo Guilherme ...


Global Education Magazine: Human Rights Day

... Citizens Movement: Towards a World Citizens Movement. The Johannesburg Compass: Questions and Orientations Les droits de l’homme commencent dès l’enfance / Education about Human Rights begins in Childhood Sonia Colasse ARTICLES 1st) Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section: The Reversibility of Economic Social and Cultural Rights in Crisis Contexts. Felipe Gómez Isa Collaborative Proposal Development Towards Sustainable Communities. James Furze, Quanmin Zhu ...


Interview with “Mama” Hawa Aden Mohamed, 2012 Nansen Refugee Award

Interview with “Mama” Hawa Aden Mohamed, 2012 Nansen Refugee Award_Global Education Magazine from Global Education Magazine on Vimeo. Published in: Javier Collado interviews Hawa Aden Mohamed with special occasion of World Refugee Day. Mrs. "Mama" Hawa was the founder and director of the Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development in Puntland, northeastern Somalia. She was...


International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: October 17th

Global Education Magazine is inspired in the universal values of the Declaration of Emerging Human Rights that aims to contribute to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by United Nations (MDGs) which is supported by the Regional Offices of Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR. An initiative launched by the teaching team that formulated the proposal most voted in the group “Sustainable ...


The Planetary Cybernetic Intelligence: A Transhumanist and Transcultural Democratic Territory

... Therefore, a historical turning point would entail the recognition of a real education that teaches to contextualize, summarize and globalize through Sattwa osmotic communication. The Homeland-Earth harmonization requires knowledge evolution towards new transhumanists and transnational dialectics concepts in order to prevent future conflicts. In this sense, Internet’s recognition encouraged by International Law is an immediate priority to evoke an opening tolerance of diversity and transcultural ...


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