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RIAC and RUSI Discuss Challenges to Information Space in Russia and the UK

The seminar was devoted to the analysis of challenges to the information spaces of Russia and the UK, the rules of conduct in the information space, and media codes in Russia and the UK, the development of social networks and their influence, the creation, spread and effects of fake news in both countries On January 20, 2020, in Moscow, RIAC held the final workshop of the bilateral Russia-UK security ...


How to effectively promote Russian interests in the United States?

... with American values. For example, arms control makes Americans safer; Americans value democracy — well, Crimea is an example of democracy; Americans also value free trade — sanctions are antithetical to that value and hurt American businesses. Media Outreach A major challenge to Russia-U.S. relations is the onslaught of disinformation and negative media directed toward Russia and issues involving Russia. To mitigate this challenge, a pro-Russia lobby must take the problem head-on through media ...


Disinformation 2020 – US elections, AI, deepfakes, manipulation

An Oxford study of the 2018 US elections showed most of social media fake news and election interference came from domestic US sources. Regardless, as 2020 US election frenzy begins, prepare for an ever louder cacophony of howls on Russian meddling.Source: Almost everything we experience, beyond what ...


The Side on Northeastern Syria That US Media Keep Dark

Media fail to recognize that the area between Ras Al Ain and Tal Abyad is almost entirely Arab and try to prove that a demographic change is taking place US President Donald Trump took several decisions on the Syria conflict recently, which triggered ...


Indian Minister is Right When He Advocates Indian Discoveries

Very Famous The Wire's this Story has quoted me saying that Hon HRD Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhariyal had quoted from one of my articles establishing Scientific Importance of "Sanskrit". I have to say Hon Minister is right,though I did not hear what he said during convocation of IIT-Mumbai but I can prove what I wrote in Internet Society's Colorado Chapter perhaps in 2012 that Sanskrit is not only Computer Friendly than other languages but its a perfect language to others. Not only this Minister...


Everything on Display

... White House’s decision to release the transcript of the telephone conversation the U.S. and Ukrainian presidents held in September 2019, albeit with the former’s consent, creates a precedent with far-reaching consequences. The opportunity was immediately seized on both sides of the Atlantic. Zelensky’s opponents in Ukraine happily demanded that the transcripts of his telephone conversations with Putin be made public too. Democrats on Capitol Hill are urging their enemy president to do the ...


Language of Urdu TV Channels in India and the Debate of Culture,Language and Aryans

I regularly participate in TV debates on Indian TV Channels and watch them most of the time. Being a Media Academic and Journalist for past 22 years I want to draw your attention toward vocabulary used by Urdu Language Channels. I am sure Constitution of India have clearly given terminology to designation like Pradhan Mantri(Prime Minister), Rashtrapati(President) ...


How a Pro-Russia Lobby in the United States Could Change the Course of History

... is the fuel that feeds the American political machine, and most Americans know that. What is surprising is that Russia has for a long time been reluctant to venture into lobbying in the United States. Although it’s true that Russia has invested in media projects like RT and Sputnik, Russia itself has invested little to nothing into lobbying-related efforts that actually influence the American political landscape. Decorated experts like Andrey Sushentsov, have said that the reasons for this reluctance ...


Issues of Media Credibility in the New Technological Conditions Discussed at the Central House of Journalists

On April 23, 2019, The Central House of Journalists hosted a round table on “How to preserve the authenticity of the media in new technological conditions?” On April 23, 2019, The Central House of Journalists hosted a round table on “How to preserve the authenticity of the media in new technological conditions?”. The event was held by Russian International Affairs ...


US Fake Media? – or CIA Assets?

It is grossly unnoticed – and from official side unbelievably denied - just how much “free” western media are controlled by security agencies. Due to the secretive nature of the problem, most of it happens “below-the-radar”. So we must carefully collect and critically scrutinize the pieces of evidence, which we come across. I first became really ...


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    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
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