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The Invisible Front of Islamic Terrorism

... current threat to international security – regional and local Islamist terrorist groups are becoming more active. Thus, on November 20, 2015, militants from the previously little-known Al-Mourabitoun group broke into Radisson Blue Hotel in the Mali capital Bamako and took about 170 hostages, including European and Russian citizens. The terrorists then released several hostages who were able to quote passages from the Quran. After the Mali police stormed the hotel, it was revealed that the terrorists ...


Cooperation Between Russia and France Benefits Both Countries

... was most active in the Libyan crisis, including the military operation. The result is tragic, since Libya has become a failed state torn apart by tribal wars. The mercenaries took up their weapons and crossed Sahara to settle in Sahel and cause the Mali crisis. The current search for a balance within the triangle is quite peculiar. Paris and Berlin maintain privileged economic cooperation despite the numerous differences that have recently emerged during the selection of an anti-crisis program. ...


Is There Life in the Old Dog Yet?

The Mali Conflict and France's Military Operation After the Mali situation became aggravated, quite a number of researchers focused on the conflict's geopolitical and ethnic aspects, whereas the military side was largely neglected. However, the French operation ...


Seeds of the Syrian and Mali crises in Western Foreign Policy

Unintended consequences of Iraq and Afghanistan As international worries deepen over developments in Syria and Mali, the West must be cautious about leading the pack when it comes to saying what should be done. Because the events now playing out in Syria and Mali are, in no small part, the unintended consequences of American, British and French foreign policy ...


The War in Mali: the Road to Nowhere

What is in Store for Mali? The situation in Mali changed radically after France intervened in the conflict between the Tuareg people, Islamic fundamentalists and rebels who ousted President Amadou Toure. Although the country’s north is now under French and Malian ...


What is the real cause of Malian conflict?

... of international politics. Right after his success at the elections in May 2012 he was heavily criticized for failing to organize an international intervention into Libya even without a Security Council mandate. Perhaps France’s intervention in Mali in January 2013 is another chance for Hollande to show himself as a strong leader who is able to control international political crises. But why Mali? Mali is just another classical example of a country in African region that has been in a situation ...


Intervention in Mali: First, Do No Harm

Interview On January, 11 France deployed troops to Mali to halt the southern advancement of Islamist forces. The intervention was backed by the United Nations Security Council, with NATO allies providing logistical and intelligence support. Yet some analysts believe that Mali might turn into another Afghanistan ...


Military coup in Mali: reasons and consequences

What will become of Mali? The Arab Spring and NATO aggression against Libya have triggered irreversible and highly dangerous processes in the Sahara-Sahel region. The Tuareg exodus from Libya has resulted in a military coup in Mali, a separatist war in the country’s ...


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