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Ethics In Business: The Dethroning Of Our Value System

... emulative models of case studies for management schools, its leaders receive invites to Davos and we in the ‘developing world’ are made to believe that they are who we should model our market success on.SourceNow – zooming into my own country, Malaysia. It is heart breaking to read day in day out, of late, how the house of cards is crumbling in its own weight in some of our companies with long legacies and national agendas, like Felda Corporation where its entire former board has been sued ...


Russia and Multilateral Diplomacy in East Asia

From a ‘Third Force’ to Diplomatic Conservatism When Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in August 2018 it was revealed that President Vladimir Putin was planning to take part in the upcoming East Asia Summit (EAS) in Singapore this November. This will mark the first time that the Russian leader has attended the event since the country became full member of the EAS. Putin will also pay a state visit to Singapore and take part in the Fourth ASEAN–Russia...


Change In Malaysia – Please, Just Fix The Saddle!

Reform – Separation of Executive – Legislative and Judiciary. These are some of the current buzz words in our political discourse in Malaysia these days. In the last three weeks since my country installed a new government with a new political party, after 61 years of the same, we have seen many revelations, many changes. We have witnessed heartbreaks, sighs of relief and breaths of ...


What The Malaysian Election Means To Me

The year 2018, it was 9th May – I went into the day with much hope for the future of my country, Malaysia. I voted, I volunteered at the polling station and then I waiited the whole night for the results with my brothers and friends. By 1am on the 10th of May I was knackered and I woke up again at 4am to learn we will most probably have a new prime ...


Interview: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad On New Malaysia And The Rule Of Law

Investvine (Firoz Abdul Hamid and Imran Saddique) sat down with new Malaysian Prime Minister and eldest elected head of government Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to discuss what is New Malaysia, autonomy for Sabah and Sarawak, investment, infrastructure and other hot topics. Read the full transcript of the interview with the ...


The Decline of the Pirates

... Information Sharing Centre (ISC) provided over ten years of service in information exchange, capacity building and cooperative arrangements, contributing to the realization of the mission and objectives of ReCAAP organisation. As of now, Malaysia and Indonesia have not joined the program. Indonesian authorities consider ReCAAP as a ‘threat’ to the national sovereignty, and maritime piracy and armed robbery in its waters as primarily a domestic issue. ReCAAP is also viewed as a competitor ...


Things Russia Should Care About in Southeast Asia: Environment

Analysts who focus on the Asia-Pacific have long been ranting that Russia is not paying enough attention to what is going on in the region, especially Southeast Asia. The ASEAN population is neither aware of what interests Russia nor understands how Russian particpation in their region could be of use. At the same time, Russia may have a role to play in addressing these issues, so taking it into account may prove useful for Southeast Asian states. We will start with an issue underreported everywhere...


ASEAN Сonsumed by Islamic State?

... international contacts. This has enabled them to strengthen the extremist underground and successfully carry out terrorist attacks aimed at overthrowing existing regimes and setting up a caliphate under the name of Daulah Islamiyah Nusantara in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand and the Philippines, where enclaves of terrorist activity among its supporters already exist. Chairman of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) nations and host Malaysian Prime Minister ...


A Refugee Crisis again? Humanity at its best? Or Worst

... Politician - an easy way to harness support using Hate. For the ordinary citizen - a fear of economic loss. I was in a lift after attending a seminar on Renewable Energy in Kuala Lumpur. In the lift, a Swede, a Norwegian an Englishman, and I – Malaysian-British (although I consider myself a global citizen). There was a brief discussion, on the “Invading” refugees into Europe. It was not political or derogatory in intent, but a reflection on what the press was posting. So I interjected,...


Bangladesh — Asia Must be Proud and Achieve Economic Development Through the Spirit of Enterprise and Cooperation

... observing how to do business with Bangladeshi people directly.” He said, “I am from Holland, I have a 5 million euro budget to help the poor in this country. And more is coming from other countries, including the EU. What does your country, Malaysia do to help Bangladesh?” I laughed and replied. “I am a Nationalist, not a servant of neo-colonialists masters. My country Malaysia is small and poor. We do not have money to send fat-cat useless corrupt development aid people to come ...


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