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Russia in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Art of Balancing

... United States and the European Union (but also China and even Gulf states), can bring to the region. Therefore, in most cases the Kremlin seeks a seat at the table, but it has no ambitions to chair the meeting unilaterally. This is the case with the Middle East Peace Process, where Russia remains one of the consistent champions of the Quartet format; this is also the case in Libya and in Afghanistan too. Participation rather than control gives Russia a say in many regional matters without imposing on Moscow the full responsibility for everything that happens in this or that corner of the region. Syria stands out as a remarkable ...


RIAC at the Conference Dedicated to the Prospects for Process of Destabilization in the Middle East and Africa

... Institute for African Studies of the RAS. The goal of the conference was to discuss and develop mechanisms to prevent and overcome instability. Experts discussed the main factors of the processes of destabilization and stabilization in the countries of the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel. In addition, the participants raised issues related to the revolutionary processes in the countries of the discussed regions. Particular attention was paid to the prospects for holding elections in Libya. On the part of the RIAC, the conference was attended by: Denis Degterev, Professor of the Faculty of International Relations of MGIMO University; Grigory Lukyanov, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics; ...


New page in Turkey-UAE ties: Why now?

... Zayed’s (MBZ) recent visit to Ankara came after a long period of frozen relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For years, the two have held different positions on several regional and international developments including the 2013 Egypt events, the Libya crisis and the tensions in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. Both sides, however, are aware of the fact that there is no direct problem between them, apart from disputes relating to third parties.A few months ago, the Turkish and Emirati sides expressed a need for transformation ...


Russia in Libya and the Mediterranean

... Wagner to the Russian government. Still, it is not a state endeavor and should not be considered as such. At the end, it is definitely private and not very impressive. During the initial period of official engagement in Syria and the unofficial one in Libya, Russia faced several challenges that it learned to cope with, except for that of Turkey. Ankara became active in the Middle East some time ago, recently arriving in Eastern Mediterranean. This was probably something new for the “front-line” Mediterranean countries of Europe, but not for Russia. Russia had to deal with Turkey through all its recorded history. Nothing ...


Online Seminar “Assessing the Middle East conflicts (Lebanon, Iraq and Libya). View from Russia and Israel” Organized by RIAC and Center for Political Research MFA of Israel

... On July 28, 2020, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Center for Political Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, with the support of the Embassy of Israel in Russia held a closed online seminar “Assessing the Middle East conflicts (Lebanon, Iraq and Libya). View from Russia and Israel”. The event was attended by leading experts and diplomats from Russia and Israel. The seminar was divided into two sessions: "Political instability in Lebanon and Iraq: View from Russia and Israel" and "Libya: ...


The Coronavirus and Conflicts in the Middle East

... will their ability for reasonable compromise. This “test” will be particularly relevant for those states in the greater Middle East that are involved in various conflicts and for their leaders, whose ambitions are, at this historical juncture, under ... ... even more relevant there than in other parts of the crumbling, yet interconnected world. “Old” internal conflicts in Syria, Libya and Yemen, new-type protest movements demanding a change of the ruling elites (the “everyone means everyone” slogan) ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... and keep Syria united. The draft constitution proposed will be approved based on the partial decentralisation of power, which could lead to the return of many refugees from European and Arab countries. North Africa Military Power of the States of the Middle East and North Africa North Africa will have significant turbulence, and many North African states will be on the verge of violence starting from Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Western Sahara due to the flow of terrorist fighters from other African states. The only two countries that would be safe from terrorism and violence in north Africa are Morocco and Tunisia. In contrast, others will face waves of terrorist ...


Russia's comparative approach to the crisis in Libya and Syria

... in Libya. Russia, under the influence of political motives, chooses scenarios that will help it avoid both direct confrontation with Western powers and achieve its economic goals and regional status. In the end, low support for US intervention in the Middle East could affect the Libyan conflict in the same way it affected in Syria. Now, the Libyan situation is not a priority for the US government. However, due to the political deadlock in Libya, the situation can change every day. If the United States shows the same unwillingness ...


Russia's “Wait and See” Policies and the Libyan Settlement

... leadership in the Libyan issue. At the same time, the Russian approach assumes rather a tactical nature of interaction with various players on the Libyan settlement. Russia's cautious engagement and maintained contacts Andrey Kortunov: The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities Today, the situation in Libya is at an impasse. The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Fayez al-Sarraj is recognized by the international community in accordance with the UN-brokered Skhirat Agreement. However, the Parliament, located in Tobruk in the east of ...


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