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Russia and the West: An Information War?

The tragedy for Russia and the collective West is that they continue to fight the wars of the past against one another, while underestimating the ideological strength of radical Islam Since 2013 when the crisis in Ukraine broke out, the notion of information warfare has been widely used in Russia, in the West and of course in Ukraine. However, the term itself provides little, if any, insight into what is happening in the information space, and is as broad and vague as “hybrid warfare.” By definition...


As We Live In These Dark Days Filled With Violence, Opposition and Hate

March 22, 2016, started with tragic news from the capital of Belgium: severe explosions occurred in the departure lounge of an airport and at Maelbeek metro stations in the EU institutions district. The terrorist attack killed 31 people, with over 250 injured. This attack, as well as many others of the kind, was executed by suicide bombers, brothers Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui. IS claimed to be responsible for the attack. This is how Brussels became another European capital that has recently...


The Invisible Front of Islamic Terrorism

... Change History Political Extremist Groups and Islamic Movements in the Middle East and North Africa. RIAC reader First in Afghanistan and now in Syria and Iraq, the world community is trying to extinguish the most obvious and serious manifestations of Islamism. However, very little has been done to effectively counter Islamist ideology and the vision of statehood (Caliphate). Military strikes can destroy the Islamists’ infrastructure and their command links, but they cannot destroy their ideas ...


Rethinking Rethinking

Response to the report by Monica Marks “Tunisian Ennahda: Rethinking Islamism in the Context of ISIS and the Egyptian Coup” Response to the report by Monica Marks “Tunisian Ennahda: Rethinking Islamism in the Context of ISIS and the Egyptian Coup” The report by Monica Marks published in August by the Brookings ...


Report on Islamic State Presented in RIAC

On July 10, 2015 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) jointly with the Valdai International Discussion Club held a roundtable that featured the presentation of a report titled “ Radical Islamism: Ideological and Political Motivation and the Influence on the Global Muslim Community ." The author of the publication is Georgy Mirsky, Chief Research Fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations under the Russian ...


North Caucasus — a Wall Against or a Bridge for IS?

“Islamic State” as a security problem for Russia Amid the vast ocean of Islamist radicalism, the particular focus given to Islamic State (IS) is merited by its role as the main center of gravity in the transformation of transnational violent jihadism today. Before exploring how this phenomenon is linked to and affects Russia in and beyond the North Caucasus and in the broader Eurasian context, and before examining the character, scale and the contextual limits of such links, it makes sense reflect...


Caliphate Reincarnation

Whose Interests Does the Caliphate Serve? What is the Islamic State movement and who supports the establishment of a caliphate and Caliph Ibrahim in the 21st century, calling all Muslims in the world to submit to it and join the jihad? What challenges are Syria and Iraq facing amidst terrorist attacks by the Islamic State and aerial bombing by the United States and its NATO allies? The American tactic of fighting militants from the self-proclaimed caliphate appears unlikely to be effective. Given...


Russia and Georgia against Radical Islamism: Common Threats and Opportunities for Cooperation

... Reuters / Georgian soldiers, Gorge Lopota Russian-Georgian relations suffer from unresolved status disputes, and at the same time necessitate pragmatic cooperation to fight a common enemy, namely terrorism fueled by ideas of radical Islamism. Therefore, the establishment of cooperation over security issues could be an important step in moving from the initial (mostly rhetorical) agenda of normalizing relations to a more meaningful process. Cooperation on security issues during the ...


Search for Turkey’s new identity and foreign policy

A new round of conflicts between Islamism and nationalism The Turkish society is characterized by attempts to connect Islam and nationalism to the ideology of the ruling circles and in collective consciousness, which is inconsistent with the basic concept of Islam, according to which ...


A dangerous bend on the road of democracy

... traditional values, commitment to religious norms (including by non-Muslim communities in these countries) and ethics were retained at the heart of these societies. However, the grassroots of societies that were once secular have witnessed a sharp rise in Islamism in the last two decades owing to different circumstances. Religious organizations professing radical methods of struggle and having their own military units came out in the vanguard of the struggle for a large-scale reform. These are primarily ...


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