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A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations

... reason: to help stabilize the relationship and buffer against conflict in the future. The analyses that follow examine prospects for Russia-U.S. cooperation in several crucial regions and fields: economics, energy, the Arctic, Euro-Atlantic security, the Middle East, strategic stability, cybersecurity, and countering terrorism and extremism. The report offer concrete, actionable recommendations in each area. Contributors : Heather A. Conley, William Courtney, R. Kim Cragin, Lynn E. Davis, Ambassador James ...


What Should the Gulf Crises Teach Us?

... based on the leading role of an out-of-area hegemon, which acts as an external security provider and an honest broker in regional disputes. The United States appears to be the perfect candidate to play this role. In fact, the concept of a “Greater Middle East” popular with the J.W. Bush — Junior Administration in the beginning of the century, envisaged building various military and political alliances in Middle East and North Africa under the US security umbrella. This concept, however, turned ...


RIAC and Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey (SAM) Discuss Russia-Turkey Bilateral Relations

... experts and diplomats discussed the issues of bilateral relations in regional and international conflict resolution, economic and energy cooperation, cultural and humanitarian relations. Pavel Shlykov, associate professor in the History of Near and Middle Eastern Countries department at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Elena Alekseenkova, RIAC Program Manager, Vladimir Morozov, RIAC Program Coordinator, and Ruslan Mamedov, RIAC Program Coordinator, also took part in the event.


RIAC and European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) discuss the Middle East Crises

On July 11, RIAC hosted a closed meeting on security challenges and prospects for cooperation between Russia and the EU in the Middle East and North Africa. On July 11, RIAC hosted a closed meeting on security challenges and prospects for cooperation between Russia and the EU in the Middle East and North Africa. The event was opened by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General,...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... renegotiating a new accord with Moscow or with other states. For the most part, Moscow has stated that it will respond by asymmetrical means to U.S. Missile Defense deployments and radar systems in Poland and Romania, as well as in Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East. How might the 2013 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear accord with Iran impact U.S. Missile Defense deployments in Europe — particularly given the fact that Iran’s presumed nuclear weapons program and its missile program ...


Defining Dialogue: How to Manage Russia-UK Security Relations

... able to restore a regular and systematic dialogue at the highest level? What are the prospects for cooperation between Russia and Britain in the sphere of security, combating international terrorism and countering extremism, including in the Greater Middle East? What mechanisms need to be worked out to strengthen confidence-building measures, prevent radicalization and develop cooperation in the fight against cybercrime. These and other issues related to the past, present and future of Russian-British ...


Proposals on Building a Regional Security System in West Asia and North Africa

RIAC Working Paper #38/2017 This paper presents proposals on building a regional security system in West Asia and North Africa. The authors propose to use the term “West Asia” to facilitate new views and approaches on the existing problems and bring economic and geographical interaction to the forefront of the relations between the external and regional actors and within regional actors themselves. The authors emphasize the need to reorganize the economies of the states of the region, including...


Countering the threats from the Middle East

Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe Position Paper IV Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe Position Paper The context Large swathes of the Middle East have collapsed into a state of violence, chaos and division, causing unimaginable amounts of human suffering. We now face a highly dynamic and very dangerous situation in the Middle East, with the prospect of further instability, but also ...


Is Russia a Threat to the Entire European Project? Experts from Russia, EU and United States Meet at RIAC

... and the "entire European project," which means that confidence building should be thorny and lengthy. Besides, the Middle East experts stressed that Russian actions toward Ukraine are supported by certain non-Western states fatigued by the de ... ... since it generates one more driver for the refugee flow to Europe. The participants agreed to continue their exchanges on the international security issues. List of participants Roundtable "Russian and Western Views on International Conflict Settlement ...


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