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Troubled Partners: What Russia and Turkey are Dividing Up in Syria

... missile systems, analysts believe that Turkey might look at Russia’s Su-35 or Su-57. These are the aircraft the Turkish President saw at the MAKS Salon. But the meeting took place against the backdrop of the escalation of the situation in the Syrian Idlib province and the announcement of the establishment of a Joint U.S.–Turkey Operation Centre. And it was the desire to overcome contradictions over Syria and prevent a crisis in the bilateral relations that led the presidents to hold an unplanned ...


Idlib May Split Russia — Turkey — Iran Alliance

... between Russia and Iran on the one hand, and Turkey on the other. But unlike the September „no-deal” summit in Tehran, the discussion in Sochi was based specifically on the governing terms of a detailed Memorandum on Stabilisation of the Situation in Idlib. According to the document, Ankara was obligated to withdraw the militants and weaponry from the 20-kilometer demilitarized zone (DMZ). Ruslan Mamedov: The Astana Shackles However, the ceasefire-agreement did not protect the triangle alliance from ...


The Astana Shackles

... this will conclude the active stage of the confrontation and mark a turning point in the Syrian campaign. But this will only be possible if the government and the Kurds, which have up to 50,000 troops, come to an agreement and settle the problem of Idlib. It is believed that Turkey is willing to stop its operations in northeast Syria if the Syrian government and its allies do the same in Idlib. Ankara has faced problems carrying out its plans in Idlib, which has hindered the implementation of the ...


Syrian Opposition in Moscow: Keeping the Political Settlement Train on the Right Track

... players (Germany, France, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar). At the centre of intense discussions were such crucial issues for the future of Syria, as its political structure and the composition of the Constitutional Committee, as well as solution of the Idlib issue as to avoid humanitarian consequences and not to block the peace process. Prospects for the return of refugees, further economic reconstruction of the country that suffered a lot during the seven-year civil war and the fight against international ...


Syria: from Demilitarization Zone in Idlib to Quartet Summit

Turkey will host four-way summit on the Syria conflict The possibility of military intervention by Bashar Assad forces in Idlib early September increased pressure on all foreign players of the Syrian conflict. But at the same time it enabled progress, which brought closer the EU, Turkey and Russia. The deal between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan over demilitarization ...


Can the Idlib Memorandum Freeze the Conflict?

The balance of power between the moderate opposition and radicals gives reason to hope that Ankara’s measures to ultimately free Idlib from terrorist groups will succeed During their Sochi talks in September 2018, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached an agreement on preserving the de-escalation zone in Idlib and abandoning the military operation that the Assad regime ...


Syrian Surprises

... Turkey, Iran and Israel The Syrian crisis continues to bring new surprises. Analysts are becoming increasingly concerned with the “mutating” configuration of relations among the global and regional actors, driven primarily by the developments in Idlib Governorate. These relations have always been volatile, but the dynamics of the changes that are currently taking place are far greater that they have been in the past, despite the situation stabilizing somewhat. We will touch upon some of the key ...


The Fate of Idlib. Is It Important for Russia?

Russia has to take a restrained position on the issue of Idlib so that the developments in Syria evolve in line with its interests. On this, Turkey can be helpful, if it proposes solutions on the settlement of the situation in the eastern part of Syria for the sake of preserving the country’s territorial ...


Joost Hiltermann: Mistakes in Syria Are Inevitable

... Smekalova asks Joost Hiltermann, International Crisis Group’s Program Director for MENA, the difficult questions on risks related to the situation in Syria. Youtube / Guerre & Po Joost Hiltermann How would you evaluate Russia – Turkey agreement on Idlib? First of all, I think it’s really important that a deal was reached between Mr. Putin and Mr. Erdogan. If that hadn’t happened, I think, the offensive would have proceeded taking a huge humanitarian toll. Whatever the reason for the offensive,...


RIAC Hosts a Meeting with Turkish Diplomats

... Russia, visited Russian International Affairs Council. RIAC guests discussed the state of relations between Russia and Turkey, the current situation in Syria and the prospects of preventing further aggravation of the conflict in the Syrian province of Idlib, as well as the role of the two countries in promoting political settlement of the Syrian conflict. More general security issues in the Middle East were also touched upon in the context of increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Turkish diplomats ...


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