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China’s Navy in the Arctic: Potential Game Changer for the Future of the Region?

... owner of 51 per cent of that venture. Meanwhile, the China National Offshore Oil Cooperation has been considering to develop oil and gas shelf cites in Iceland. The cooperation between China and Iceland goes beyond energy as well. In 2018, the China-Iceland Arctic Observatory was opened. At first, it was designed to serve as an aurora observatory. However, it has become a much more ambitious Arctic project. The observatory is now used to research satellite remote sensing. Indeed, this raises concerns as ...


Growing Number of Expert Discussion Participants on the Role of China in the Arctic

... can be up to half the value of the natural resources explored in the AZRF. Given the current relationship between Iceland and China, experts recommend paying attention to the development of their cooperation, primarily in connection with the upcoming Iceland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in May of this year.


Iceland: Liberty Island in the Arctic

... April 2013, the Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce was established [12] and in July of the same year, Iceland opened its General Consulate in Greenland’s Nuuk [13] . Ice Union of Two Dragons Photo: Flickr/ randite Yelena Stoudneva: Russia and Iceland: Arctic Gravitation Intensified activity of Iceland in pursuing its Arctic policy was largely prompted by the Chinese aspiration to participate in the development of regional resources, which became particularly evident beginning in 2010. The state visit ...


Russia and Iceland: Arctic Gravitation

... Iceland’s Arctic Strategy: the Goals and Mechanisms of Implementation It was in 2009 that Iceland turned to revising its strategic line vis-à-vis the Arctic. It is not ruled out that Icelandic leaders viewed this as a possibility to capitalize on the Arctic theme. Iceland’s Arctic strategy fits in the overall context of European strategy to coordinate Arctic policies. This is due to scarcity of resources if a country is to carry out single-handed the expensive projects of research and development in the Arctic....


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