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Yemen Perspectives on International Cooperation in the Field of Emergency Humanitarian Response Stability

Stockholm Agreement is in danger of collapse UN Reports on the humanitarian situation in Yemen (the latest of which WFP report and the report of the Panel of Experts on Yemen) clearly mentioned and condemned the violation committed by Houthi Militia; including obstructing humanitarian access, manipulating lists of beneficiaries, looting of aid, and harassing and threatening international humanitarian staff. Amid all of these violations, UN officials continue to send vague messages ...


Yemen: In Search of Lost Legitimacy

..., 2015. Both instruments certainly make the position of the president (who has fled the country) and his government far more advantageous than that of their opponents in the Kuwait talks. For instance, Article 1 of Resolution 2216 requires that the Houthis unilaterally withdraw their troops from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a and from all the areas they have seized, relinquish all “additional arms” and cease all the actions that are “ exclusively within the authority of the ...


Turmoil in Yemen As a Long-Term Oil Market Factor

... OMV, US Occidental Petroleum Corp, Norwegian DNO ASA and others evacuated their expatriate staff and significantly scaled back or completely shut down production in Yemen. On March 25, when a Saudi Arabia-led coalition launched airstrikes against Shia Houthis in Yemen, oil prices rallied with Brent increasing by $3 in one day. The effect of a surprise military campaign was short-lived and didn’t produce much change in the market. Yet for as long as the security situation remains uncertain in ...


Yemen: Between Iraq and Somalia

The Yemen crisis is hardly a surprise. Riyadh has long been concerned by the rise of Sheikh al-Houthi’s followers, who are widely seen as Iran's proxies in southern Arabian Peninsula. After humiliating defeat in the 2009 border skirmishes, the Saudis even mooted the creation of an exclusion zone costing several billion dollars. The Saudi ...


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