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Igor Ivanov Has a Meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikolaos Kotzias

On June 13, 2018, Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, had a meeting with Nikolaos Kotzias, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece, having an official visit to Moscow. On June 13, 2018, Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, had a meeting with Nikolaos Kotzias, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece, having an official visit to Moscow. The following issues were discussed in the ...


How Rational Is President Erdogan’s Policy against Cyprus and Greece: a Case Study

... relations, and if hyperbolic passion, aggressiveness, and bellicosity contradict “rationality”, it should follow that the Turkish president’s rationality appears problematic. If this is inferred by looking at Erdogan’s policy vis-à-vis Cyprus and Greece — as a paradigm case or case study — the implications will be profound. This essay, theefore, will address primarily his anti-Hellenic behavior, but broader conclusions about his worldview and operational code will emerge via consideration ...


Cyprus: Fake Truths, Fake Reviews and Moscow’s Expected Role

Moscow’s Cyprus-related Record A Schematic Account of Telling Historical Facts The vicissitudes of the Republic of Cyprus predate its formal creation in 1960, since the GCs, still under British Colonial rule, appealed to Greece in the mid-1950s to represent them at the United Nations in order to attain self-determination. While the “winds of change” were blowing globally, and as myriads of Greeks and hundreds of Greek Cypriots had sacrificed their lives during World ...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks at Athens Energy Forum

... place in the Greek capital on February 2–3. The Forum dealt with issues related to global and European energy, the geopolitics of transporting energy resources, the dynamics of oil and gas prices, the energy strategy of the European Union and Greece, climate change and the development of alternative energy sources. Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov spoke at the Forum on the status and prospects of energy cooperation between Russia and the European ...


Hold Your Guard: Migration Crisis in South-East Europe

... Yugoslavia without Slovenia) faced 43,360 such cases, exceeding the 2013 figure by 2.2 times, and the 2012 one by 6.8 times. According to the latest UNHCR data , more than 980 thousand refugees fled to Europe in 2015. Of these, 825 thousand arrived in Greece, 151 thousand in Italy, and 3.5 thousand in Spain. 84 percent of them arrived from 10 countries affected by various conflicts. Although following the migration peak in September and October the number of arriving migrants has been gradually declining,...


EU-Russia Antagonism in the Eastern Mediterranean

... piece to the Eastern Mediterranean geopolitical architecture. Party members and official statements by several SYRIZA leaders appeared to be clearly directed against the eurozone and NATO membership. They also came out against foreign military bases in Greece - including allowing the US to remain - and were extremely pro-Russian. Nevertheless, the Greek Left’s favourable attitude towards President Vladimir Putin’s Russia turned out to have serious ramifications for the country’s domestic ...


The Men and Women of Ruins

“Having chosen a hard line, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble led us to believe that we would benefit without Greece in the Eurozone, that this would cost us less. I believe that this is a distorted view. It is not right morally, as this would be the beginning of decline. No one will know what would happen next. Germany has taken a leading role in Europe, but ...


The Eurexit and the Greek “Day After Tomorrow”

... sixth-month-long negotiation process came to a weird end on July 12, 2015. Why should we call this process “weird”? First because of the text that is to be signed by the European parliaments. This piece of paper is not the end of the story between Greece and its creditors. On the contrary, it is a new start for both Greece and Germany as well as Europe more generally. The second reason is due to the process of negotiations itself. However, since the E.U. is a “family”, the use of threats ...


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