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The Mirages of Westphalia

... strengthening of states; it reflects a weakening of states that cannot afford to have strong international institutions even though no one doubts that such institutions are needed today. Andrey Kortunov: We Need to Create a More Inclusive System of Global Governance Concerning the multilaterality crisis: if the hypothesis of the revival of Westphalia, of the triumph of national egoism, and the low effectiveness of multilaterality were true, the U.S. under Donald Trump should have been able to deal ...


Artificial Intelligence and Its Partners

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence will help participants establish practical cooperation and formulate common approaches to the development and implementation of AI The creation of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) reflects the growing interest of states in AI technologies. The initiative, which brings together 14 countries and the European Union, will help participants establish practical cooperation and formulate common approaches to the development and...


The Case for Regionalism in a Post-Coronavirus World

... paralyzes in our quixotic " future-proof " cities that are already trembling with the rage of many. The "Great Reset" anticipated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) seems as certain as its myriad failed forecasts and panaceas. The "global governance" it desperately touts smacks of a Soviet Union with a Techno-Potemkin facade. Many who had lived behind the Iron Curtain may not feel too nostalgic about the long queues , restricted movements, pervasive surveillance, and the Orwellian ...


What is Multilateralism in European Terms?

... of international life, despite significant differences in the interests of the participants, Multilateralism III is to find “right” or “appropriate” solutions to the problems of world politics, i.e., achieve a transition to "effective global governance." If Multilateralism II proceeds from what the participants in the system think achievable, Multilateralism III operates in terms of what is desired and what should be done. In the first case, we are talking about a tactical alliance ...


Rethinking International Security for a Post-Pandemic World

For the first time in living memory, humanity is confronting a common threat that it must defeat collectively. It is time to start planning for when the eventual victory comes The coronavirus pandemic has overturned many assumptions about the current world order. As a matter of urgency, it is time to revisit the principles of international security. In the pandemic, for the first time in living memory, humanity is confronting a common threat that it must defeat collectively. Most arguments currently...


The UN Security Council Shirks the Test for Coronavirus

Either humanity will find the strength and determination to move to a new level of governance by relinquishing a part of the national sovereignty of states, or new pandemics will force us to pay an increasingly higher price for the priority we give to national sovereignty and the loyalty we show to political particularism In the four months that have passed since the coronavirus outbreak began, it seems that just about everyone has had something to say about the situation—experts, regular folk...


Why the G20 Won’t Save the World

... is too large and heterogeneous. So, we need to look for other means and other platforms for making decisions that correspond to the specifics of the moment that we are all experiencing. The G20 may become one of the important nodes of the complex new global governance mechanism, but it is incapable of replacing the whole mechanism. First published in the Valdai Discussion Club .


Coronavirus: A New Bug or Feature of World Politics?

Preliminary results of the coronavirus test on society show the lack of instinct that is inherent in anybiological species to protect its population The coronavirus pandemic has already become the main event of the leap year, relegating other dramatic news of recent months to the background. It also turned out to be the most severe stress test for the global economic and financial system, for many international organizations and public administration mechanisms in individual countries. This test...


4th International Conference «Russia and China» Opens in Beijing

... community of the common destiny of mankind. In the welcoming speech , Igor Ivanov said that along with the issues of bilateral cooperation, the Conference will pay considerable attention to wider international problems, primarily to the problem of global governance. RIAC President noted the need for a breakthrough in the sustainable algorithm of world history: it is important to move to a new level of the world civilization development without another global cataclysm. Zhang Hanhui, Assistant ...


The Day the United Nations Ceased to Exist

A Scary Tale for the permanent members of the UN Security Council Tensions in Syria continued to escalate throughout 2019. Hostilities were stepped up again throughout the country and the conflict’s total toll approached a million. A new wave of Syrian refugees swept through Turkey and flooded Europe. Russia blocked US and British resolutions on enforcing peace on Damascus in the UN Security Council nine times. Eventually, the Western countries accused Moscow of deliberately subverting the Security...


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