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The ‘Multiplier Effect’ of BRICS+

... factor in the regional “integration of integrations” model that has particular merit – it is the “BRICS+” multiplier that allows for a significant extension in the outreach undertaken by core BRICS economies with respect to the rest of the Global South. In terms of scale, the effects of the two formats of BRICS expansion may be mathematically illustrated by the difference between the arithmetic and geometric progression. If the one-by-one expansion in the core of the BRICS grouping represents ...


International Crisis Group Board of Trustees Meeting on Consequences of Ukrainian Conflict

... organization committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict, was held in an online format. The following issues were addressed during the meeting: the likely consequences of the conflict around Ukraine for relations between the global North and the global South (food and energy security, "double standards" in relation to regional conflicts, issues of cross-border migration, etc.). Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, spoke at the meeting.


BRICS+ 2.0: Toward a polycentric world order

... governance is out of sync with the development needs of the world economy The following is an interview with Yaroslav Lissovolik, a program director at the Valdai Discussion Club in Russia. Adriel Kasonta: When it comes to regional cooperation in the Global South, traditional (Western) integration theories don’t seem to be giving justice to this non-Western phenomenon, especially when BRICS is concerned. Would you be so kind as to explain the nature of BRICS in the context of the South-South cooperation ...


BRICS+: It’s Back With Scale and Ambition

... the very center of the discussions surrounding China’s chairmanship in the grouping. With the return of the BRICS+ paradigm the BRICS is going from introvert to extrovert and its greater global ambition raises hopes across the wide expanses of the Global South of material changes in the global economic system. The main question now centers on what the main trajectories of the evolution of the BRICS+ framework will be – thus far China appears to have advanced a multi-track approach that targets ...


The Dilemmas of the Global South

... with risks and uncertainties As new trade barriers and restrictions are emanating from the advanced economies there is a stronger case for the affected emerging economies to compensate these adverse effects via greater openness of markets across the Global South. Developing countries have in fact proceeded to liberalize their markets in recent years, which to a significant degree was driven by regional integration. Against the backdrop of rising barriers in the advanced world, any steps directed ...


Can BRICS Underpin a New World Order?

If China’s vision of BRICS+ provides the broadest horizontal span of the Global South, Russia’s vision of BRICS+ prioritizes the depth and alignment of integrating BRICS states’ priority regional projects Amid an unprecedented spike in global geopolitical risks, the world is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that ...


Regional Visions of Globalisation

... highest social and environmental standards, in line with the EU’s democratic values and international norms and standards. The Global Gateway Strategy is a template for how Europe can build more resilient connections with the world.” Across the Global South only China has a globalization vision of similar ambition, namely the Belt and Road Initiative, with infrastructure projects launched across several continents. Nonetheless, the BRI is arguably not fully on par in scope with the recent initiatives ...


Fragmentary Expression

... the last ties between NATO and Russia severed and with new anti-Chinese blocs and partnerships established? Sergei Arteyev: Re-Sovereignization of the Nation State or Globalization 3.0? Third, we could discuss trust between the global North and the global South. Does the global South have any reason to count on generosity and bounty from the global North, though? All this comes against the background when in spite of all the proposals to restructure the debts of low-income countries, their debt ...


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