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Geopolitics and Relations among Major Powers

... to more cynicism, and opportunism in foreign policies. So, what should we do to overcome the current crisis in international relations? Above all, we have to agree that the critical task of the day is the task to restore and to enhance the shattered global governance. Without addressing this task, we are not going to succeed in any other undertakings. The central dividing line in the modern international system is between order and chaos. The prime building blocks of the international system are ...


Regionalism in Global Governance: Exploring New Pathways

... and trans-regional projects, such as Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and BRICS+ that may be seen in part as an aggregation of the existing regional blocs. Valdai Club Report " Regionalism in Global Governance: Exploring New Pathways "


RIAC Forecast 2019–2024

... the opinions of Russian experts on Russia’s foreign policy with regard to individual countries, the situation in individual regions, and the specifics of the development of the key functional areas in international relations. The first Chapter “ Global Governance and World Order ” is available now. — Fyodor Lukyanov , #MeFirst against Strategic Stability — Sergey Afontsev , The Future of Global Economic Governance — Valery Garbuzov , Hopes and Illusions of Polycentric Bipolarity ...


The Global Integration Algorithm: Directing the Forces of Gravity

... hence appears that there is a certain sequencing that could be followed in building a more balanced global economic architecture. The most important part of the sequencing has to do with addressing the fragmentations and gaps in the regional layer of global governance (most notably within the Global South) that has become increasingly critical in the past decades for development and maintenance of macroeconomic stability. The attainment of a more coordinated framework in the relations between developed ...


Entering 2019: Challenges and Opportunities

... States. The reality is much more complicated. These days, the world is going through a profound technological, economic, social and cultural transformation, and our final destination is not clear. The increased pace of change calls for a new level of global governance, but old political habits still prevent us from moving to this level. I would venture to say that the greatest challenge of our times is a deficit of solidarity between nation states, including those of them, which are entrusted by the ...


Meeting with the Genron NPO (Japan)

... organization's main activities and results of its work for the last year. The main goal of the Genron NPO is to strengthen democracy in Japan, promote peace and stability in Northeast Asia and develop solutions for pressing global issues. The sides discussed global governance and future of international organizations, found common ground in the approaches of the countries to the role of think tanks in building political dialogue. The RIAC hopes for further cooperation with the Genron NPO and other Japanese ...


Bonus for the “Big Eight” in Qingdao: Some Thoughts on the SCO Summit

The SCO will be able to claim the status of not only the largest, but also the most influential union in Eurasia The G7 summit in Quebec (Canada) and the SCO summit in Qingdao (China) took place at almost exactly the same time and once again clearly demonstrated the ever growing multipolarity of global and trans-regional development. However, while the Group of Seven meeting took a step backwards of sorts – or, put simply, actually failed – the SCO summit took a step forward towards its expansion...


New Era of China’s Development and Prospects for China-Russia Relations

... finance, institution building and security guarantee, in order to provide full-fledged support for the initiative and inject new impetus to the common development of participating countries. China will take an active part in reforming and building the global governance system. China will continue to uphold the authority of the United Nations and support the United Nations in playing an active role in international affairs. China will support a greater role for the mechanisms of the G20, the Asia-Pacific ...


RIAC session of the XI Convention of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA) "Methods of studying global governance"

On September 29, 2017, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) held a special section on "Methods of studying global governance" within the framework of the XI Convention of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA). On September 29, 2017, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) held a special section on "Methods of studying global ...


Colombia court fines Brazil's Odebrecht $250 million for corruption

UPDATE 19 DEC  According to Buenos Aires News and other sources, Colombia's justice system has fined Brazil construction and engineering giant Odebrecht $250 million, having found the firm guilty of corruption to secure contracts. The company is also banned from tendering for state contracts in Colombia for ten years. According to the Buenos Aires News coverage, Odebrecht is suspected of paying out around $750 million to win government and near-government business in Latin America and the Carribean...


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