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RIAC Arctic Report Discussed at Finnish Embassy

... in the Arctic On June 17, 2021, the Embassy of Finland held a discussion on RIAC and MGIMO report "The Arctic Council: Status and Activities" , as well as a discussion on international cooperation in the Arctic. Ambassadors of the seven Arctic states to the Russian Federation (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA, Iceland) and Nikolai Korchunov, the Russian Foreign Ministry's Ambassador at Large, took part in the discussion. RIAC was represented at the event by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General; Ivan Timofeev,...


Russia-EU Cooperation Discussed at the Meeting with the Ambassador of Finland

... meeting with Antti Helantera, Finnish Ambassador to Russia. The conversation focused on the current state of relations between Russia and the European Union, security challenges in the Euro-Atlantic space, as well as the prospects for bilateral Russia-Finland cooperation. In addition, the priorities of Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and the pertinent tasks of the institutional development of this organization were addressed.


The Arctic Is a Complex Region Which Cannot Be Designated with a Single Status

... cooperation amongst themselves supported by legal and institutional mechanisms currently available. This should probably happen within the framework of the Arctic Council that facilitates political cooperation among all Arctic nations. How do you assess Finland's chairmanship in the Arctic Council? Have there been any successful results so far? The Arctic Council (AC) is an intergovernmental body — often referred to as the high-level intergovernmental forum. Its chair rotates every second year. Finland received the chairmanship ...


Head of Finnish East Office in Moscow

On July 26, 2016, RIAC Program Manager for the Arctic and Asia-Pacific Lyudmila Filippova met with Executive Chairman of East Office of Finnish Industries Esko Aho to discuss future cooperation between the Russian International Affairs Council and the Finnish business association. The participants ...


RIAC Surveys Arctic Policy of Finland

... escorting and towing of merchant ships. The icebreaking operations vary with the ice condition and may last from 500 to 1,100 working days a year. The guests met Finnish Ambassador for Arctic Affairs A leksi Härkönen to discuss key issues of Finland's Arctic policy, as well as priorities of Helsinki's current presidency in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and in the Arctic Council in 2017-2018. Press tour "Arctic Issues and Arctic Policy"


Finland in the Arctic

... Nordic regions of Russia, and particularly to open a Consulate-General of Finland in Murmansk (currently Murmansk is only served by a branch of the Finnish St. Petersburg Consulate). Through its participation in international cooperative projects in the Arctic Finland hopes to stimulate growth in its less-developed northern regions, especially in the sectors of transport, logistics and telecommunications. As a part of the implementation process of Finland’s Arctic strategy, Finpro, the Finnish export ...


Finland’s strategy in the Arctic Region

... the EU Arctic policy, improving transportation, developing and intensifying Arctic research, and on some other areas of business. Shipbuilding, forest and ore mining industry, and the associated infrastructure are of primary concern for Finland in the Arctic. Finland’s main economic goal in the Arctic region is to confirm its status of an international Arctic expert. The use and adoption of technological know-how and public support to companies in the scitech sphere have all been designated as priorities....


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