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Personal Privacy and Sovereignty in Social Networks

What is privacy in the context of the human presence in cyberspace? What constitutes personal sovereignty in the digital world? Could a social network have something like sovereignty? Discussions about privacy and personal sovereignty in social networks should start with general questions. What is privacy in the context of the human presence in cyberspace? What constitutes personal sovereignty in the digital world? Could a social network have something like sovereignty? Who will defeat whom - a...


From Corporates to International Governance: The Coming of the ‘Platform Economy’

... its Think Tank project and the Center for Russia-China Strategic Interaction under CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies, China. The platform business model is prevalent among the largest global companies such as Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Tencent with platform companies accounting for trillions of dollars in market cap and a sizeable part of market cap increases among the largest companies in the world. The use of platforms as a model is increasingly employed at the country level ...


Business and the State: Together into the Brave “Cyber World”?

... Tech Companies Counter Online Terrorist Content “The government needs to get involved… there will be more regulation of the tech sector”, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft , said in October 2019 to the Bloomberg news agency. A bit earlier, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly voiced the same idea. Tech giants are calling on Western governments to be more actively involved in regulating confidential data protection, suppressing attempted election meddling, dealing with harmful ...


Protecting Sensitive Data: The Experience of Russia and the US

... Russia–U.S. Relations Interestingly, the issue of protecting confidential information is primarily an internal legal matter, yet it is one that unexpectedly became an irritant in Russia–U.S. relations. Threat to national security stems from the fact that Facebook allowed foreign entities to gain access to sensitive information about users in the United States and finance the distribution of political advertisements. In 2016, the United States accused Russia of interfering in its presidential elections....


Brinkmanship for useful idiots

... must be taken to court and there are no guarantees (due to shield law precedents) they will reveal sources. According to the article, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin obtained a copy of the report from an unidentified source. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tagged with Arspergers in 2008, not Putin On the eve of the 2008 U.S. presidential election an article appeared in Gawker online magazine claiming that Facebook "founder" Mark Zuckerberg, known at that time ...


Facebook and “The Decline of Power”... A treatise for useful idiots.

... to evangelize to Latin Americans in Spanish, hosting an opinion show synidcated by cable network NTN out of Colombia. Crowdsourcing. How data becomes “democracy” Based on “crowdsourceing” (input provided for free by the Facebook community and data mined by Facebook) Zuckerberg decided one of his New Year's resolutions for 2015 is to add more reading to his media diet. He says he finds it intelectually stimulating. So that others can obtain the same intellectual ...


Russian Council launches English page on Facebook

Today Russian Council has launched its English page on Facebook. It is now much easier for our English-speaking readers to stay abreast of our news and to keep track of our latest publications. The English web page of RIAC covers wide range of international relations topics and contains English versions of ...


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