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The Birth of the “Caspian Three”?

The emergence of new political formats is usually accompanied by mistrust of the critically minded expert community. However, the emergence of the Russia-Azerbaijan–Iran bloc spanning the western coast of the Caspian Sea could become a powerful impetus for the interpenetration of the three countries’ economies and for institutionalizing political dialog. Are the summit participants themselves interested in such a development, and if so, then under what conditions? On August 8, 2016 in...


ASEAN and Russia Look to Achieve Their Full Potential

... Russia's current economic woes, the medium to long-term prospects were good. Mr Lee said he hoped Singapore and the EEU could sign an FTA in 2018 when the city-state and Russia celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations. So far, only Vietnam has signed an FTA with the EEU. In the realm of sociocultural affairs, the third pillar of the ASEAN Community, 2016 is the ASEAN-Russia Year of Culture. This initiative is designed to strengthen people-to-people contacts, as one can argue that currently, such contacts are perhaps ...


Vietnam’s Year of Free Trade

... of bilateral cooperation. Supplementary EU documents imply that it actually gives Brussels the right to make implementation of the free-trade agreement conditional on the political behavior of the Vietnamese leadership to the point of suspending the FTA. In terms of scope, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement is similar to the one with the EEU. The TPP Agreement is also widely known for its provisions that go far beyond the sphere of trade. In the same year, Vietnam established a FTA with South Korea; this FTA appears to be more “traditional,” but is no less important, due to ...


Iran + Russia = Reset?

.... We met with Alexander Knyazev, Senior Research Fellow at the RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, to discuss how Moscow can combine cooperation with Iran with its Eurasian integration efforts. Why was it Tehran and not Moscow that launched the Iran-EEU FTA initiative? I can see two reasons. First of all, for Russia and other EEU states, Iran is significantly underestimated as a partner. Tehran is definitely on the backburner in Moscow's foreign and trade policies. In most cases, Russia views Iran in ...


EEU-Vietnam Free Trade: the Devil Is in the Details

... this end, the Vietnamese have a considerable amount of experience in this area, and the latest deal before the EEU agreement was signed with South Korea. Russia can learn a lot from them. However, there is some controversy around this issue. Parallel FTAs with the European Union and the EEU may spell trouble for Vietnam because technical barriers differ and adapting products and certificates to the two sets of requirements at once is extremely complicated. Hanoi would certainly be happy to obtain preferential access to the new extensive ...


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