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Brexit: a chance for a Wider Europe "from Lisbon to Vladivostok"

... Brexit will de facto come into force.If no agreement is reached on the further format of trade and economic relations between London and Brussels by mid-October 2020, a so-called “hard Brexit” will take place, meaning that the UK will leave the European customs union and the EU's single market, with both parties re-imposing tariffs and various behind-the-border non-tariff barriers to each other. Great Britain will also no longer be able to benefit from the European free trade agreements with ...


EU’s new anti-foreign-subsidies tool likely to invoke new wave of protectionism

... assistant, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA); non-residential research fellow, Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Market Studies; editor-in-chief analytical media “Eurasian Studies”. Munich, 13 July 2020.*In June 2020, the European Commission presented a white paper on how to effectively prevent and counteract potential unfair competitive advantages, which extra-EU companies might have on the European market by receiving state subsidies from foreign governments. This move ...


East vs West: New Political Reality for the Post-Coronavirus World

China today presents a legitimate new alternative, and thus a threat, to the Western system “The world will never be the same after the Coronavirus” — these words uttered by International Relations veteran Henry Kissinger most certainly have substance behind them. Beyond the major impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global economy and everyday life of people all over the world, it has also come to reveal new political realities. Efficiency in dealing with the new transnational threat became...


The Battle of “Coronavirus Narratives”: Three Lines of Defence Against China

... West’s problems in the fight against coronavirus to the subjective miscalculations of individual statesmen and politicians. The primary culprit is, of course, President of the United States Donald Trump, although fingers are certainly being pointed at European leaders too, from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to his Spanish opposite number Pedro Sánchez. The basic premise is that western healthcare, just like the western socio-political system, is far more effective “in principle” than that ...


To Sequestrate, or Not to Sequestrate. The Impact of Covid-19 on Military Budgets

... systems, including reconnaissance-strike UAVs, space-based systems, long-range artilleries, and the aviation with high-precision weapons, can drastically reduce the number of traditional weapons systems needed to solve most tasks on the battlefield. Europe: At Whose Expense? Alexander Yermakov: Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe? Military budgets of European countries are very difficult to compare, primarily because expenditures of Germany, the top 5 world economy, for ...


The Spread of the COVID-2019 Epidemic across Europe and Multilateralism

The value and significance of multilateralism are becoming increasingly apparent against the backdrop of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic Europe has quickly turned into the “centre of contamination” of the coronavirus epidemic. The number of confirmed cases in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and other European countries is well into the tens of thousands, and it only continues to grow....


RIAC and ELN Discuss Development of Cooperation Online

On March 26, 2020, RIAC held an online meeting with the European Leadership Network (ELN) On March 26, 2020, RIAC held an online meeting with the European Leadership Network ( ELN ). The discussion focused on the development of cooperation between RIAC and ELN on the platform of YGLN (Younger Generation ...


RIAC at Doha Forum 2019

... the impact of new technologies on world politics, the future of global energy, the risks of global trade wars, etc.. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, made presentations at two sessions of the Doha Forum: at the session “A Stronger Role for Europe in the International Arena: What Would It Take?” (organized jointly by Aspen Institutes of Italy and Romania) and at the session “Rules of Engagement for Non-Military Conflict” (organized by the RAND Corporation, USA). Elena Suponina, RIAC ...


Far-Right Vigilantes

This is an expression of desperation and disappointment in current immigration policy, a protest and a censure vote In 2015, Europe faced a dramatic spike in the influx of refugees and illegal immigrants, the biggest since WWII. Migrating to the world’s most developed regions in search of a better life has always been an understandable and natural phenomenon. It cannot be ...


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