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RIAC Hosts Discussion of Model Convention on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The document was presented to the expert community by the authors: Andrey Neznamov, Director of "Robopravo" Research Center, and Victor Naumov, Partner at Dentons multinational law firm. On May 20, 2019, RIAC held a discussion of the draft Model Convention on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The document was presented to the expert community by the authors: Andrey Neznamov, Director of "Robopravo" Research Center, and Victor Naumov, Partner at Dentons multinational law...


Ethics In Business: When Broken Souls Walk Our Corridors

Have you ever been brought down to the depth of your chaotic heart and soul that you feel so broken, lost and alienated in all that surrounds you? A place where the heart never feels at home, or at peace, or in synch with all that others say identifies with you as a being. Only those who have been there will know how broken this place is. How endless in its hopelessness this place looks. And mostly how inescapable this place seems. I have seen many who have visited this place. But visiting it has...


The Ethical and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence

... underestimate the real level of automation of these systems, which have the ability to learn from their own experience and perform actions beyond the scope of those intended by their creators. This causes a number of ethical and legal difficulties. Ethics and law are inextricably linked in modern society, and many legal decisions arise from the interpretation of various ethical issues. Artificial intelligence adds a new dimension to these questions. Systems that use artificial intelligence technologies ...


Power Play in the Media and Ethics

... insightful journey in my professional life. It would change my view of how the world worked, for up till then everything seemed black and white for me. It would orientate me to the issues of humanity, human struggles and question the whole subject of ETHICS. The first meeting with the Chief Secretary then, Excellency Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, who had just taken office for some 6 months prior, would touch on media and their approach to public sector. He spoke with an exasperate tone of the need for ...


In Search For Ethics In Business

When I was invited to write on the topic of Ethics in Business by Institute IntegrityMalaysia (IIM), the first thing that crossed me was — where does one begin?Defining ethics and seeking consensus? The consensus (if reached) has to beuniversally accepted ethics that cuts across creed and ...


What Drives The Conscience When Mortality Is At Stake?

... need – when the argument is – there is no budget, no resources. How do physicians reconcile with this oath when their fundamental responsibilities are circumvented by the fundamentals of business and politics. Indeed can we view clinical ethics in isolation to business ethics when discussing the medical industry? James MacGregor Burns, a presidential biographer, and authority on leadership studies said, “Divorced from ethics, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere ...


PLEASE - CSR is not Ethics In Business!

... banks, why haven’t we seen bankers incarcerated for the millions and billions that disappeared from major economies around the world through the process of daylight casino called the financial market. I was waiting for the whole discussion on ethics to appear miraculously – what it is and has it a role to play in our fast desecrating world today. Not surprisingly, I was disappointed.Malaysia (which is where I am writing this blog from now) and Singapore was greeted by its annual “haze” ...


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